• Intertwine the literature and life among students community. To enrich flawless speech, writing and communicative skills. To mould the students a responsible citizens, human and discipline in social environments.


  • Retrieve the Tamil tradition and inculcate them in the younger generation. Motivate the pupil’s reading habits, review of literary work and creativity in literature. To create self confidence, patriotism and leadership quality in their spirits.


  • The Department of Languages is functioning effectively since 1990. It offers Part I Tamil, Hindi, French, Malayalam, Arabic for all Undergraduate Programmers since its inception. From the year 2004, the Department functions as the Research Department. It offers M. Phil (Part time) and Ph. D. (part time). The department encourages inter-collegiate competitions: there by enriching the knowledge of the students to meet the challenges and excel in the field of languages, innovative courses are introduced curriculum.


  • Fully qualified faculty members
  • Innovative syllabus
  • Organized College Programs.
  • Each Faculty is given major responsibility in our college.
  • "Siragu" Half Yearly Magazine
  • Readers Club
  • BharathiVizha"201 8
  • Inter College Literary & Cultural Competition
  • Pongal Pattimanram will be telecasted in Satellite TV.
  • UGC Funding Seminar
  • To organize Workshop
  • Cultural Museum
  • Public literary Club
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