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To provide an excellent platform of Mathematics as a diving board in the pool of Education and Developmental Research.


To equip the students with Mathematical skills and experiences necessary to become self-motivated, life-long learners.


After 2 or 3 years of completion of the programme, the Graduates will be

  • Professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills relevant to the practice of Mathematics and analytical decision making in an inter-disciplinary environment.
  • Entrepreneurs empowered with the ability to think creatively, formulate Mathematical models and solve problems.
  • Researchers enriched with the skills of Mathematical modeling and statistical analysis.
  • Good citizens catering to the arising needs of the society with their inculcated values and environmental awareness.


Upon completion of B.Sc. Mathematics programme students will be able

  • To use Mathematical knowledge to analyse and solve problems.
  • To create Mathematical models, formulate precise statements and reason out logically.
  • To derive solutions for the models developed for a better functioning of the real world systems.
  • To create or select an appropriate technique in research methods including analysis, interpretation of data and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  • To use the modern tools and software for obtaining solutions to the desired accuracy.
  • To serve the society with a willing heart, as and when a Mathematician is required.
  • To be conscious of the environmental hazards and contribute to its minimization scientifically.
  • To apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics, responsibilities and norms.
  • To recognize the need for individual and team work in an inter-disciplinary environment and participate effectively.
  • To present Mathematics clearly and precisely to an audience of peers, faculty and others.
  • To engage in lifelong learning.
  • To use Operations Research techniques effectively especially in the execution of any specific projects.


Department of Mathematics has been catering to the needs of all the Departments of SNR Sons College from its inception in 1989 as a separate allied department. But from June 2016, it has become a full-fledged Mathematics Department with a staff strength of Fourteen with Four Ph.D‘s. The Department, in addition to offering three year undergraduate programmes in Mathematics, it    plays a vital role in assisting all the courses of this esteemed institution as it is a well-known fact that Mathematics and Statistics are highly relevant for Science, Commerce and Management courses. As a part of their curriculum, students are taught real life applications in which they actively participate in interactive sessions and do some case studies and assignments. The weak students and students from non-mathematics background are identified and given additional training to bring them on par with their classmates. Similarly bright students are given extra coaching to score high marks. The Department has highly qualified and experienced staff to train the students.

Career Opportunity in Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the most fundamental forms of sciences that are concerned with the study of properties, measurements, relationships of sets and quantities with the use of symbols and numbers.It deals with number calculation and it is a vital tool on countless fields including Social Science, Medicine, Engineering and Natural Science.

Individual who have expertise in this field are known as Mathematicians. Their professionals, who deals in the Mathematical Theory, Algorithms, Computer Techniques, Scientific Skills, Economic Physics, Engineering and Business Problems. Mathematics is the combination of Theoretical and Applications. Theoretical Mathematics studies the concepts and structure of Mathematics and aims to search the deep knowledge of the subject. On the other hand Applications of Mathematics concerned with calculations and theories related with methods that in Engineering, Science, Industry and Business. Applications are the field of Mathematical Science that holds specialist knowledge in this field.

Career Growth in Mathematics:

Since Mathematics is one such subject that is used in almost every sphere of life. So Mathematicians have a wide career option to choose forum if they offer this subject. Mathematician can look for great career avenues in different fields such as

  • Actuarial Science
  • Engineering
  • Operations Research
  • Computer Science
  • Industrial Management
  • Business
  • Geology
  • Life Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Finance
  • Physics and more.



Students who wish to become an expert in mathematics need to have qualify 10th and 12th std. pass certificate with Mathematics as a main subject. After they can do Graduation, Post-Graduation, M.Phil. and PhD in this field in a reputed institutions.

Job Opportunities

On successfully completing the qualifications, the students become eligible for numerous jobs such as

  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Computer system Analyst
  • Mathematician
  • Teaching
  • Software Engineers
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Investment Analyst
  • Charted Accountant
  • Charted Certificate Accountant
  • Employer in the finance department of numerous companies and Banks
  • Actuary
  • Actuarial Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Trainer

Mathematics is an extremely resourceful subject that is welcomed not only in Government sector but even in private sector hire in individuals who have Mathematics as their core subject of study

  • National Aeronautic Limited
  • Defence Research and Development Organizations
  • Society for Electronic Transaction and Security
  • Indian Space Research Organization
  • Government and Private Banks
  • Teaching Institutes
  • Research Centers
  • Laboratories
  • IT Companies
  • Technical Organizations
  • Civil Service
  • Financial Manager
  • Insurance underwriter
  • Meteorologist
  • Quantity Surveyor

The salary for the fresher’s in those jobs vary from Rs.15000 – Rs.30000

  • To improve the result of the student with good score of marks
  • To have more collaboration with leading industries
  • To facilitate higher placements in reputed core companies
  • Planned to sign MoU with By the start-up and Digital Marketing Coimbatore
  • To get research funds from Government agencies
  • To provide employability training to the students along with regular academics.
  • To promote more real time projects and research through industrial tie-ups
  • To build a strong Alumni interaction


The Department of  Mathematics  became a full fledged Department when BSc Mathematics Course was started for the first time in the year 2016. The total strength was 44 students comprising of 14 boys and 30 girls. After the completion of the course around 7 students are well placed in leading companies like CTS and Wipro. 19 students are pursuing their higher studies and 3 students have joined in B.Ed course. We have successfully entered into the fourth year with an intake of 50 students for the Academic year 2019 – 2020. The first Alumni meet was held on 20/07/19 and the details of the students were collected in Alumni Meet Form. We discussed with the students about their future plan. We also discussed about our next  Alumni Meet and we have planned to conduct one Alumni Meet every year at the end of even semester.


  • A Guest Lecture programme on Opportunities in Careers Today was conducted 07th August 2017. The resource person Senthil Sundharamoorthy, Manager Vizhient Inc, Principal System Analyst, UHC, Texas USA addressed the gathering.
  • A Guest lecture programme on Consumer ProtectionAct was conducted on 30th August 2017. The resource person Mrs.Kokila Guest Lecturer, Govt. Arts College, Coimbatore addressed the gathering.
  • A Guest lecture programme on Object Oriented Programming Concepts was conducted on 05th August 2017. The resource person Dr.M.Muthumani Associate Professor Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore addressed the gathering.
  • A Guest Lecture on Impress Management was conducted on 25th September 2017. The resource person Dr.Prabhu Associate Professor, Govt. Arts College, Coimbatore addressed the gathering.
  • A Guest Lecture on Career opportunities in Banking Sector was conducted on 2nd January 2018, The resource person J.Vanangamudi,JV Academy ,Coimbatore addressed the gathering.
  • A Guest Lecture on Digital Marketing was conducted on 3rd January 2018, The resource person Mr.Sameer, Business Analyst, By the startups, Founder of Pick myVoice, Coimbatore addressed the gathering.
  • A Guest Lecture on Banking Law was conducted on 9th January 2018, The resource person Mrs. Kokila Lawyer and Guest Lecturer, Arts College, Coimbatore addressed the gathering.
  • A Guest Lecture on Involvement Portfolio using Technical and Fundamental Analysis was conducted on 19th January 2018, The resource person K.Sivaprakash, Portfolio Manager, Asyle Capitals, Coimbatore. Coimbatore addressed the gathering.
  • A Guest Lecture on Structured Query Language in DBMS was conducted on 25th January 2018, The resource person Dr.N.Muthumani Associate Professor of BCA,SRCAS, Coimbatore. addressed the gathering.
  • Industrial visits are a great way to gain practical and technical knowledge on mathematics background and students are able to identify their prospective areas of work in the overall organizational function.
  • Industry visits provide opportunity for active/interactive learning experiences in-class as well outside the classroom environment.
  • As Industry visits enhance the interpersonal skills and communication techniques, Students become more aware of industry practices and regulations.
  • Our B.Sc. Mathematics (2016 Batch) students visited IISC (Indian Institute of Science), Bangalore on 6th October 2017 which includes Super Computer, Mat-lab , Cryogenics (Fuels) and Instruments For Researchers
  • Our B.Sc. Mathematics (2016 Batch) students visited HAL (Hindustan Aerospace Limited), Bangalore on 7th October 2017 which includes the Military Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Helicopters for Trainers and Biotechnology Revolution in Bangalore Museum.
  • Our B.Sc. Mathematics (2017 Batch and 2018 Batch) students visited Mysore Sandal soap company at Mysore on 23rd August 2019 which includes Human Research Department (HRD), Production and Maintenance Department (P&D), Marketing Department (MKTG), Material and stores Department (MTLS), Research & Development(R&D), Quality Control Department (QC) and Welfare Department (WD)

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