To enhance the innovative and high calibre man power by implanting and encouraging research activities in rapidly changing technology of physics education.


To achieve academic excellence in knowledge ,research and overall developments of the students by nurturing their scientific and creative thinking in the field of Physics.


After 2 or 3 years of completion of the programme the Graduates will

  1. Become leading Researchers and Entrepreneurs, create a platform for earth, planetary and space scientists.
  2. Exhibit interest in life-long learning including higher studies that provide sustained development of their research ability with innovative ideas.
  3. Continuously update themselves in the field of Physical Science and understand the social needs and generate novel solutions at National and International level.
  4. Be ready to contribute teamwork with communication and interpersonal skills and work effectively in their respective careers.


Upon completion of the programme, the students will be able to

1.Apply core and multidisciplinary knowledge in all respects to overcome contemporary issues in the field.

2. Plan, design and execute complex experiments using appropriate methods to analyse data and interpret through theoretical knowledge.

3. Communicate effectively in oral and written forms.

4. Analyse, formulate, review research literature and arrive conclusions by identifying complex problems.

5. Apply numerical, analytical and logical skills during competitive examinations.

6. Apply Mathematical and Computing knowledge in the appropriate discipline.

7. Understand ethical, legal and social responsibilities to find effective solutions.


The Department of Physics offers the B.Sc degree programme since the academic year 2015-16. Currently, there are 124 students are pursuing their degree. The department is being powered with well talented and dedicated six faculty members. The physics laboratory is equipped with essential advanced instruments. The department actively involves in encouraging students to demonstrate various scientific models, arranging trips to industries and research institutions and exploring them in recent development in the core by conducting seminars and guest lectures apart from the academic. Moreover, the students are being enlightened in the field of co-curricular, extracurricular and competitive examinations. The pleasant environment prevailing in the department assures the positive growth in the contest of both the department and the students.


The Department organises the Job Oriented Courses through MSME, Central Govt Universities and NPTEL.  On National Science Day the Department organises some special events like Mini Planetarium set-up, DoD (Department of Defense) Model etc. Alumni meet, Satish Dhawan Space Centre(SHAR-ISRO) Visit, World Space Week Celebrations, VIGYAN(An Intercollegiate event) are some of the  notable events  conducted by the Department every year

S.NO Academic Year BATCH Value Added Program / Job Oriented Course
1 2016-17 2015-18 Solar PV Installer- Electrical
2 2016-19 Social Media Connect
3 2016-19 Graphic Designing
4 2017-18 2017-20 Graphic Designing
5 2015-18 Mobile Phone servicing
6 2016-19 Utilization of Solar Energy
7 2016-19 LASER Fundamentals & Its application
8 2017-20 STEP course
9 2018-19 2016-19 Industrial Automation & Robotics
10 2017-20 Introduction to Computers
11 2017-20 Laws of Thermodynamics
12 2018-21 Mobile Phone servicing
13 2017-20 Solar Photo Voltaic system
14 2019-20 2018-21 STEP course
15 2018-21 Introduction to Electromagnetic theory
16 2017-20 IoT Using Embedded Systems
17 2019-22 Physical Testing of Textiles
18 2019-22 Introduction to Computers
19 2018-21 Entrepreneurship cum skill development program on Solar PV system

Number of NPTEL Course completed by the students:

S.NO Academic Year BATCH Name of the course
1 2017-18 2016-19 LASER Fundamentals & Its application
2 2018 -19 2017-20 Laws of Thermodynamics
3 2019 -20 2018-21 Introduction to Electromagnetic theory


Number of On-line courses completed by the students through Coursera:

S.NO Academic Year BATCH Name of the course
1 2020 -21 2019-22 Career Edge – Knockdown the Lockdown
2 2019-22 Wind Energy
3 2018-21 Mechanics of Materials I, II, III & IV

Physics is an exciting science subject with the study of the universe from the smallest to the largest scale: it generates fundamental knowledge for technical advancement in future. Discoveries in physics have formed the foundation of countless technological advances and play an important role in many scientific areas. Many techniques used in medical imaging, nanotechnology and quantum computing are derived from physics instrumentation. Even the World Wide Web was a spin-off from the information processing and communications requirements of high-energy particle physics. The contributions of physics to solve global problems such as energy production, environmental protection, global warming and public health are essential and have an enormous impact on our society.

List of job roles for Physics candidates can opt after the completion of studies

Physicist: PhD holder in physics becomes a physicist. They perform experiments and investigate the theories of Physics to reach a conclusion. UG students are also eligible to work as a research assistant or technician in various research laboratories. They can apply for researcher or scientist posts at top organizations in India like DRDO, BARC, ISRO, NTPC, BHEL etc.

Teaching: A candidate with good knowledge and teaching interest in physics can join as an assistant professor in college or university and also as a high school teacher.

Lab Assistant: Candidates with Physics degree can work as a lab assistant in various firms like clinics, laboratories or institutes to handle technical equipment.

Radiologist Assistant: Those who have sound knowledge about rays, devices, emission can work as a radiologist, who can diagnose disease and injuries using medical imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Medicine, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Ultrasound.

Geophysicist: A Physics degree holder with the knowledge of Earth’s seismic activity, gravity and magnetic field can join as a Geophysicist. They can locate minerals on the Earth.

Content Developer: Physics graduates can work as a subject matter expert in various organizations. They are responsible to create content as per the requirement of the client.

Academic Counselor/ Advisor: Physics graduates can join a school/ academic institutes/ college as an Academic Counselor/ Advisor. They can assist students with their queries related to the subject.

Computational Scientist: Physics graduates with computer knowledge can start their career to solve scientific problems using computing principles.

Physics graduates will find many career opportunities in Private as well as in Public sectors

Other notable fields for physics graduates are

  • IT (data science/engineering, coding)
  • High tech industry (semiconductors, optics, aero-space)
  • Finance (hedge funds, banks…)
  • Consulting
  • Banks
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Coal
  • Environmental control
  • Oil and Gas
  • Media
  • Mining
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles

To bring PG and Research Department in Physics.

  1. Guest Lectures Organized:
    1. Mr Muthukhumaren, founder &CEO, KPM Plasto Rubber Co, Coimbatore, delivered a lecture, “Job opportunities in Industries” on 07-07-2019
    2. Ms K Krishanapriya, Nutritionist, PINK Fitness Centre, Coimbatore, delivered a lecture, “Role of Nutrients in Physical & Mental Health” on 24-07-2019
    3. Mr Chandra Prakash Shankar, Founder & CEO, L1 Developers Cyber security & research company, Tiruppur, delivered a lecture, “Stay Safe Online – A social media awareness program” on 02.08.2019
    4. Dr Hannah Revathy F, Dean, School of Science & Humanities, SRCAS, Coimbatore, delivered a lecture, “Society & Family Values – Marriage and Family system” on 28.9.2019.
  1. Lecture Series Organized:
  2. N.Priyadharshini, Assistant professor, Department of Physics, PSGR Krishnammal College for women, Coimbatore, delivered a lecture, “Physics Insights – What, Why, How” on 28.08.2019
  3. Haresh M Pandya, Asso. Professor and Head, Dept. of Physics, Chikkanna Government Arts College, Tiruppur, delivered a lecture, “Cosmo Learning in Astrophysics” on 28.08.2019
  4. S. S. Naina Mohammed, Assistant professor, Department of Physics, Government Arts College, Udumelpet. delivered a lecture, “Role of Mathematics in Physics” on 29.9.2019
  5. Navaneetha Pandiyaraj, Asso. Professor and Head, Dept. of Physics, Sri Sakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, L & T Bye pass, Coimbatore -62, delivered a lecture, “Plasma – Fourth state of matter” on 30.9.2019
  6. Workshops Organized:
    1. Mr Anoop Jaiswal, Director General of Police (Retd.), trained our students by sharing his knowledge through a workshop on “Fact of Science – Funny Learning” on 20-07-2019
    2. A One-day workshop on Annular Solar eclipse 2019 was conducted by the department on 26.12.2019 using a telescope built by our I BSc Students.


  1. An Educational visit to “Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota” is being arranged every year and this year for the II BSc Physics it happened on 19.09.2019.


  1. Mr Jayachandran M of II B.Sc Physics is selected for IASc-INSA-NASI summer research fellowship 2019 in the field of Astrophysics.
  2. Ms Harini B, Student of III BSc Physics has been bestowed with “Best College Students Award” by Nature Science Foundation, Coimbatore. She was also been conferred with “Women Achiever Award” during the women’s day celebration of the academic year.
  3. Mr Janagaraj S of II BSc Physics Participated in RD parade, chennai representing our college NCC.
  4. Mr Gokul S of II BSc Physics Participated All India Thal Sainik Camp and secured second position in IDSC snap competition held at New Delhi.
  5. Students of Department of Physics has participated on many of the events conducted with respect “Manavar Mandram” celebration 2019 and bagged Overall Championship Trophy.
  6. The Department of Physics has won Overall winner in “OGANESSON” an Intra college competition conducted by the Department of Chemistry.
  7. Our Department Students have also proved themselves in all the events of Pongal celebration in our college and won the Overall championship.
  8. Students from our department held Chairman and vice chairman position in various clubs of our college.
  9. Dr S Poonguzhali, Professor and Head, Department of Physics, has delivered a lecture on the topic of “Basic Astronomy” in REGIONAL SCIENCE CENTRE, COIMBATORE on 10.10.2019.
  10. Details of Faculty Completed NPTEL course:
    1. Two of our faculty Mr Gowrisankar G and Dr Manoharan D competed an NPTEL course in Introduction to Electromagnetic theory which is an 8 weeklong course. 
    1. Details of Faculty attended FDPs:
      1. Our Faculty Ms Dhivya R attended an FDP on Student – Centric Instructional Strategies conducted by PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research on 28.06.2019.
      2. Dr Razad PM, our faculty has attended a One-day workshop on Annular Solar eclipse 2019 conducted by Regional Science centre, Coimbatore on 19.09.2019.
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