About Library

The college library, housed in the ground floor of C Block in SRCAS campus consists of more than 43,385 volumes of books and different branches of knowledge in an area of 6000 sq ft. College library with vast collection of books, a variety of journals and magazines(National and International) serves as a effective learning resource in the campus. There are 164 journals, magazines and weeklies which enhance the knowledge of students and them abreast of the latest developments in Arts, Science and Technology. Falling in line with the latest trends, the fully computerized library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of books, printed and electronic journals, project reports, etc. The students and scholars can online access through EBSCO Business Source Elite, INFLIBNET- N-List, NDL (National Digital Library of India), etc.

Library Working Hours

  • All Working Days : 8.00 AM – 6.00 PM
  • Saturdays (if College Holiday) : 8.00 AM -1.00 PM

Book Transaction/Circulation Timings

  • All Working Days : 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM
  • Saturdays ( if College Holiday) : 8.30 AM -12.30 PM


  • Computerized Bar coded Library.
  • Largest collection of Books, Journals, Magazines and Newspapers.
  • Access entire Library Database through Web OPAC.
  • Major Collections of E-books, E-Journals and E-databases access through LAN.
  • Digital Library used for accessing E-Resources.
  • Digital Collections of Audio and Video materials
  • Book Bank
  • Reprography
  • CCTV Surveillance System
No. of Volumes 43385
No. of Titles 14185
No. of National Journals 72
No. of International Journals 39
No. of National Magazines 48
No. of International Magazines 5
No. of Back Volumes 2867
No. of CDs/DVDs 2517
No. of Thesis 101
No. of Dissertations 189
No. of Project (UG & PG) 3475
No. of Newspapers 13
S.No Departments No. of Volumes No. of Titles
1 Management Sciences 14060 4362
2 Commerce 12447 3566
3 Computer Science 3786 1913
4 Electronics 2252 746
5 Catering Science And Hotel Management 761 253
6 Biotechnology 1500 302
7 Physics 1323 315
8 Chemistry 1237 216
9 Mathematics 1354 536
10 English 1604 503
11 Tamil 487 274
12 General 2125 1094
                                    TOTAL 42936 14080
 No Non Books Material Details No. of Counts
1 Theses 91
2 Dissertations 189
3 Projects 3475
4 Back Volumes 2867
5 CDs/DVDs 2513
6 Newspapers 13

Journals & Magazines

S No National Journals
1 Information Technology
2 Indian Journal of Computer Science
3 Journal of Computer Sciences
4 Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communications
5 Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology
6 Journal of Applied Science and Technology
S No International Journals
1 IEEE : Transactions on Wireless Communications
2 International Journal of Distributed and Cloud Computing
3 International Journal of System and Software Engineering
4 International Journal of Advanced Networking and Applications
5 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology
6 IEEE : Transactions on Communications
7 ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing
8 ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology
9 ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing
S No National Magazines
1 PC Quest
2 Data Quest
3 Digit
4 Tamil Computer
5 Express Computer
6 Open Source for you
7 CSI Communications
8 Digital Learning
S No National Journals
1 Chartered Accountant
2 Journal of Accounting Research & Audit Practices
3 Kurukshetra
4 Indian Journal of Marketing
5 Personnel Today
6 Journal of Social and Management Sciences
7 Organizational Behavior
8 Communication Today
9 Artha Vijnana
10 Indian Journal of Labour Economics
11 SEDME Journal
12 E-Commerce for Future & Trends (ECFT)
13 University  News
14 Arbiter
15 Yojana
16 Applied Economics
17 AMC Indian Journal of Entrepreneurship
18 Arthshastra Indian Journal  of Economics & Research
19 Indian Journal of Research in Capital Markets
S No International Journals 
1 World Affairs
2 International Journal of Financial Management
3 International Journal of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
4 Journal of Marketing
5 Journal of Marketing Research
6 INTL Journal of Marketing and Business Communication
8 Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting
S No National Magazines International Magazines
1 Outlook 1.      Forbes Asia
2 Outlook Money
3 Infini-thoughts
4 Business World
5 Indian Management
6 Industrial Economist
7 Business Today
8 Business India
S No National Journals
1 Indian Journal of Finance
2 Indian Journal of Marketing
3 Indian Journal of Management
4 Vikalpa  Journal
5 Management Accountant
6 Indian Journal of Industrial Relations
7 Organizational Behavior
8 Southern Economist
9 Economic and Political Weekly
10 Operations management
11 Organizational Management
12 Finance India
13 Journal of Applied Finance
14 Management Research
15 Marketing Management
16 Capital Market
17 Journal of Entrepreneurship
18 Indian Journal of Training and Development
19 Brand Management
20 Entrepreneurship Development
S No International Journals
1 MIT Sloan Management Review
2 California Management Review
3 Decision
4 HRD Review
5 Harvard Business Review
6 Foreign Trade Review
7 INTL Journal of Business Management and Research
8 INTL Journal of HRM and Research
9 INTL Journal of Accounting and Financial Management Research
10 INTL Journal of Information Systems Management and Research Development
11 INTL Journal of Sales and Marketing Management Research and Development
S No National Magazines International Magazines
1 Industrial Economist Fortune INTL
2 Indian Management
3 Outlook Business
4 Human Capital
S No National Journals
1 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics
2 Journal of Biophysics and Bio-Chemistry
3 Journal of Chemical Sciences
4 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section – A
5 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section – B
6 Journal of Genetics
7 Current Science
8 Wide Spectrum
9 Indian Journal of Biotechnology
10 Journal of Biosciences
11 Resonance
12 Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
13 Bulletin of Material Science
14 Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
15 Instrument Society of India
16 Lab Experiments
17 Embedded for you
18 IETE Journal of Research
19 IETE Journal of Technical Review
20 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics
21 Indian Journal of Mathematics
22 OPSEARCH (Journal of the Operational Research Society of India)
23 Proceedings Mathematical Sciences
24 Journal of Hospitality Application & Research( JOHAR)
25 Literary Criterion
26 Atlantic Literary Review
27 Journal of English Language Teaching
28 Journal of English Studies
29 Soft Skills
International Journals
1 Annals of Statistics
2 Quarterly of Applied Mathematics
3 ICTACT Journal of Microelectronics
4 Journal of Applied Life Sciences International
5 Trends in Biotechnology
6 International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review
7 Biotechnology Journal International
8 International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems
9 Cornell Hospitality Quarterly
S No National Magazines
1 Food and Hospitality Word
2 Beverage and Food World
3 Food and Beverage News
4 Hotelier
5 Electronics World
6 Autoflash
7 Physics for you
8 Chemistry Today
9 Biology Today
10 Mathematics Today
11 Down to Earth
12 Kalaikathir
13 Puthiya Thalaimurai
14 Kalachuvadu
15 Anandayogam
16 Puthiya Thalaimurai Women
17 Vikatan Thadam
18 Kumudam Theeranathi
19 Puthiya Thalaimurai Kalvi
S No National Magazines
1 Time
2 The Week
3 India Today
4 Frontline
5 Sport Star
6 Readers Digest
7 Employment News
8 Competition Wizard
9 Civil Services Chronicle
10 Competition Success Review
  • The Hindu
  • The New Indian Express
  • Times of India
  • Business Line
  • Business Standard
  • Economic Times
  • Deccan Chronicle
  • The Hindu Tamil
  • Dina Malar
  • Daily Thanthi
  • Dinakaran
  • Dinamani
  • Maalai Malar

Rules & Regulations

The library rules and regulations are introduced to regularize the use of the library resources and will be reviewed periodically to meet the changing needs.

Library Working Hours:          All Working Days: 8.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Saturdays (if College Holiday): 8.00 AM -1.00 PM

Book Transaction Timings:      All Working Days: 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM

Saturdays ( if College Holiday)  : 8.30 AM -12.30 PM

General Rules

  • Students/staff shall scan their ID card in the E Gate Register scanner while entering and leaving the library.
  • Books shall be issued only on production of Bar-coded ID card.
  • Strict silence shall be maintained in the library.
  • Personal belongings like files, folders, bags, personal books, bound notebooks, issued books etc are not allowed inside the library. They should be kept on the rack provided at the entrance of the library.
  • Mobile phones and other devices should be in silent mode.
  • Laptops may be used inside the libraries (without any audio).
  • For the benefit of its users, library is following the Open Access System. The books, current journals, back volumes taken out the racks shall not be replaced. They should be left only on the tables. Well trained Library assistants are there to replace them in the proper places.
  • Library books should be handled with utmost care. Marking or any kind of scribbling on pages or folding of page is strictly prohibited. Mishandling or damage to the books will invite penalty.
  • In case of loss of any book, the borrower as to pay the current price of the book and a fine decided by the Principal.

Books Issues and Returns

  • The books taken from the library are to be returned on or before the due date specified in the due date slip sticked in the front page of the books.
  • While taking the books staff and students should write their Roll No. on the due date slip pasted in the book.
  • UG, PG and Research students are eligible to take 2, 3 and 4 books respectively from the library.
  • If a book is not returned on the due date another book will not be issued.
  • If a user fails to return the books on the due date the member is liable to be fined Rs. 1 per day.
  • Reference books, Project Reports, Back Volumes and Periodicals will not be issued. They are only for reference inside the library.
  • Users are allowed to take the photocopies of the required articles of periodicals. Photocopying of full book is not permitted.
  • Students before they go on vacation, should return the library books

Online Resources

Dr. G.Sivasubramanian Ph.D
Librarian & Head
MA, MLISc, MPhil, Ph.D
13 Years 07 Months
sivasubramaniyan @srcas.ac.in

Dr. K. Ravi Ph.D
13 years 7 Months

Ramamoorthi P
Assistant Librarian
8760189490 / 8248164258
09years – 11 months



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