M.Sc Computer Science & Information Technology


Leadership in Education, Research & Innovation through Teamwork with a focus on Development of Younger Generation to the needs of the time.


To make effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment by widening teaching and research activities with a team of creative and dedicated staff.

M.Sc Computer Science


Our students following Post Graduation will be able

  • To Develop a core knowledge base in the academic field of Computer Science added with communication and management skill for effective engagement with the environments in which they operate-Education/Industry/Society.
  • To maximize their technical strength, leadership qualities to work independently and as a team to meet new global challenges.
  • To Transform multidisciplinary knowledge gained through projects and industrial training, leading to a sustainable competitive edge in Research and Development, with varied complexity
  • To achieve their careers with the potential efficiency and the self-assurance that drives innovations in implementing their ideas to useful products.


The Computer Science Curriculum is designed so that each student will have demonstrated the following competencies upon graduating with a Master of Science in Computer Science:

  • Ability to apply foundational computer science concepts for the design, analysis, development and practice of advanced computing techniques and devices.
  • Ability to share knowledge and impact of computer science solutions for integrating business and other human contexts.
  • Ability to analyze, identify, formulate and solve real world hardware and software issues.
  • Ability to work with the databases, network technologies and information management systems.
  • Ability to accomplish task with different set of teams and working environments globally.
  • Ability to realize professional and ethical responsibility leading to creativity and productivity in the fields and professions beyond the regular computer science curriculum.
  • Ability to promote life-long self learning, so as to remain professionally effective to the society at large.

M.Sc. Information Technology


  • To gain knowledge in fundamental areas of information technology along with a depth of understanding in a particular area of interest.
  • To develop independent critical thinking and problem solving skills, with an ability to analyze the impact of technology on individuals.
  • To recognize the need for continuous learning to address users’ need with social and ethical values.
  • To gain skills to communicate efficiently with technical and nontechnical people in the information technology field and strategies for facilitating projects and activities.
  • To Pursue advance education, research development and other creative ideas in the field of information technology.


Upon Completion of the programme, students will be able to

  • Analyze a problem and identify  the computing requirements to solve real problems.
  • Involve in research development and innovative ideas in the field of information technology.
  • Apply professional, ethical, legal values and function effectively in a team/lead to achieve the goal.
  • Effectively integrate IT- based solutions to the user environment.
  • Engage in life-long continuous learning for professional and skill development.



Student Level

  • Planning to produce 90% results in each subject
  • Planning to place all the Job Aspiring students.
  • To inculcate self-learning in PG one course to be completed online through SPOKEN TUTORIAL during their study period.
  • To improve the admissions strategies to be planned and implemented.
  • To implement “Earn While You Learn Concept”.

  Faculty Level

  • Motivating the faculty to attend one workshop/seminar per semester, in turn faculty are requested to take peer learning sessions.
  • Faculty are motivated to publish & Present one paper per year in International Conference & Journal
  • To enrich the faculty knowledge & skill set, faculty are requested to complete one Self learning Course/year.
  • To bridge the gap between Industry and Institute, every semester industrial experts will be called to interact with the students.
  • Faculties are motivated to submit one project/seminar proposal to the funding agencies.


  • The Department offers M.Sc(Computer Science) & M.Sc.(Information Technology)
  • The department has faculty expertise at Ph.D. level with research focus on Datamining, Cloud Computing, Metrics & Measurement.
  • Faculty are well Qualified and well experienced in industry, research and as well as in teaching
  • Faculty will participate in FDPs, Seminars and Conferences to gain Up-to-date up gradation in the Academia and Industry and they in turn conduct Peer learning session for the faculty and students as content beyond class rooms
  • Department organizes Interactive Sessions with Eminent Personalities.
  • Faculty members are capable of applying proposals for various funding agencies and Publishing/Presenting papers in national and international levels.
  • Excellent ICT based teaching learning environment.
  • Department is working on outcome based teaching-learning process
  • Department implemented “Earn while you learn Concept” for the students
  • To bridge the gap between Industry and Institute the department organizes guest lectures from industry and academia.
  • The department helps the student members in managing the activities of the CSI Student Chapter
  • Department organizes Conferences, workshops and short term courses for knowledge uplift of faculties and students.


  • Planning to apply more proposals for the funding Agencies
  • Planning to introduce industry oriented subjects
  • To Organize various short term courses, workshops, seminars from experts under CSI and from corporates
  • To start various activities under Research & Development Cell
  • Planning to bring Alumni for better placements
  • Planning to introduce SLET/NET Coaching
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