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About The Club:      

Consumer Awareness Club mainly focuses on bringing an awareness to the general public of a product in the market. It is the process through which the students gain knowledge or it creates an opportunity to understand the quality, quantity, purity, potency, price and other specification or features of the product, its service or accessibility to inspect or examine the various varieties of a particular product and its service.

Club Objectives:

  • To educate the students the right to be protected against the marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life and property.
  • To create knowledge about the Consumer Protection Act.
  • To educate the functioning of consumer protection councils.
  • To impart the knowledge about the consumer grievance redressal mechanism.
  • To motivate the student community to create awareness about consumerism in the society by organizing various activities.



  • Street Plays
  • Door to Door Addressing on Fuel Consumption
  • An Exhibition on “FOOD ADULTERATION”
  • A Seminar on “Consumer Exploitation and Exploration –Rural Women in India”



Ms. S. Christy Monisha

Asst. Prof, Department of B.Com. & M.Com. (FCA)

Email id :

Mob No.: 9677903527

Club Objectives:

  • To create the spark of innovation in the students’ mind so that he or she can see the existing problems that need to be solved
  • Create awareness amongst Students
  • Invite creative ideas from Students
  • Document the ideas.
  • Mentor them periodically
  • Help them apply for Patents


  • i2i club was inaugurated on 13.09.2017 and the office bearers took charge of their responsibilities.

Chairman : Krishna Subramanian VS – III B.Sc ECS

Secretary : Subash M – II B.Sc Physics

  • i2i student members @ Start-up Mania 2018 is organized by Confederation of Indian Industry and Native lead Foundation at Technology Business Incubator, Kongu Engineering College, Erode. This program is funded by Entrepreneurship Development and Innovate Institute, Govt. of Tamil Nadu.
  • The student members of i2i club participated in the event and the following innovations were submitted:
  • Fabcycle – M.Subhash & R. Sandhiya – Physics
  • E-bike with voice recognition system – Krishna Subramanian. V.S & Venketesh.C – ECS
  • Smart Dust Bin – Lohesh.S & M. Suresh Kumar – ECS
  • Solar Car – Gowtham & Saranya.N – B.Com
  • Agro Detectroid – M. Mohammed Ijaz – B.Sc CS
  • Electricity from Non Bio degradable waste – Sree Brinda S & Nisha jenifer A- B.Sc Chemistry
  • Foul odour absorbing apparel – Haseena Z & Varshasri G – B.Sc Chemistry
  • Colour Cotton – Naveen A P & Naveen kumar R – B.Sc Chemistry
  • i2i Members from B.Sc., Chemistry provided 57 ideas at a stretch and won “The Best Innovators Award” NSTEDB NIMAT Project Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp from 8.01.2018 to 10.01.2018.
  • i2i student members # StartAb an Interactive Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Association with TiE on 23.01.2018.

Students Achievements:

  • 02.2018 – Subash M and Sandhiya R selected to prelim presentation among 600 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu and they are placed 15th among top 30 ideas.
  • In the presentation the ideas are categorized according to selective fields and the jury members are from special fields. We are questioned technically and marketing by juries during our presentation.


Dr. D.Hari Prasad

Professor & Head,

Department of Computer Application

Email id :

Mob No. : 7010667199

Club Objectives:

  • The Objective of the IQ Club is to develop Mathematical Enlightenment to all the students.

Students Achievements:

  • They are posting mathematics related IQ questions and some short- cut methods on the White Board daily from 3rd December 2015 onwards.
  • The Club encourages the students to participate in various competitions outside the campus.
  • It also organizes various competitions in our college to improve the students IQ level.
  • The IQ club was inaugurated by Dr. E.S. Nehru, Jubail University College,  Saudi Arabia on 3.8.2016.


Prof. Vasanth Kumar Boniface

Associate Professor, Dept of Mathematics

Email Id:

Mob No. : 9842275125

Club Objectives:       

  • To inculcate Love of Nature in the minds of college youth
  • To develop social and environmental commitment
  • To develop an awareness and encourage an interest in the  nature among the  members and the community through meetings, talks, workshops, study groups and field trips


  • To safeguard the traditional knowledge of biodiversity for the restoration programmes in Western Ghats of India.
  • To conduct activities in the nature protection through tribal and women empowerment.
  • To educate the tribal people and make them as entrepreneurs.

Students Achievements:       

  • Three day camp on “Entrepreneur Awareness Camp” held from 6 to 9th September 2018 at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Conducted by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Gujarat.


  1. S. F. Maleeka Begum

Professor and Head, Department of Biotechnology

Email  id :

Mob No. : 94434 68852

Club Objectives:

  • Motivating students’ self-learning.
  • Developing students’ skills in programming.
  • Motivating students to think, innovate, and show their talents.
  • Creating a spirit of teamwork and develop leadership skills.


  • Providing courses, seminars and workshops that are related to programming.
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn and apply Programming skills.
  • Compete among the relevant Technical Symposium, Software Contest, Paper Presentations, Panel Discussions, Conferences etc.
  • Provide in-house programming Competitions.
  • Helping and guiding students for their innovative Projects.
  • Regular lectures across diverse fields such as Web development, App development and other programming paradigms to enhance their programming skills.
  • Motivate students to develop various applications to be used by our Campus.
  • Aware of latest updates in information technology.
  • Collecting articles, puzzles from students for SRCASPCTEK Magazine


  1. N.Sumathi

Professor & Head,

Department of Information Technology

Email id :

Mob No. : 9894090549

  1. R.Rajeev

Associate Professor,Department of Infroamtion Technology,


Mob No.: 9443860373

About The Club:

The National Service Scheme (NSS) was officially started on 24th September 1969, to establish a meaningful linkage between the campus and the community. Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, had recognised that the country could not progress in a desired direction until the student youth were motivated to work for the upliftment of the villages/community. For Gandhiji, the villages, where the  majority of the population living, represent the country. Therefore, for the national reconstruction and national resurgence it was deemed fit that the students and teachers should be properly sensitised and utilised in  strengthening the Indian society as a whole with particular emphasis on rural community. Therefore,the students, the  teachers and the community are considered as the three basic components of the National Service Scheme.


The vision is to build the youth with the mind and spirit to serve the society and work for the social uplift of the down-trodden masses of our nation as a movement.


The National Service Scheme has been functioning with the motto “NOT ME BUT YOU” in view of making the youth inspired in service of the people and hence NSS Aims Education through Community Service and Community Service through Education.


The overall objective of NSS is Personality Development through community service.

The objectives of the NSS are to:

  • Understand the community in which they work
  • Understand themselves in relation to their community
  • Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process
  • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility
  • Utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems
  • Develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities
  • Gain skills in mobilizing community participation
  • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude
  • Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters and Practice national integration and social harmony (Swachh Bharath Activities)




Dr. D.Viswanathan

Head, Department of Tamil

Email id:

Mob No.: 8883362806


Prof. S.Prahadeeshwaran


Email id:

Mob No.: 9524999995



Assistant Professor,Department of BBA & BBA CA

Email id:

Mob No.: 8220804644 



Chariman: Yokendra Niruruthish M G

Secretary: Kumari


Chariman: Bharaniidharan J

Secretary: Akshaya shri S


Initially the student Enrollment of New (NSS / YRC / RRC / VBDC Volunteers) students will be completed and the Orientation programme for 1st year students will be conducted and the activities like Tree Plantation, Parade practice, Maintenance of trees in campus, Health awareness programme, Visiting to adopted village for follow up activity, Independence day celebration, Rally on rain water harvesting, NSS Day celebration, Blood donation camp, Visit to Orphanage, Cleaning Day, Eye screening camp, Cancer Awareness program, Rally on traffic control, Aids Awareness Program, Awareness on healthy food habits, Personality development programme, Self-defense training, Republic day Celebrations, General medical checkup, Visiting slums & awareness programme, Dental camp, School health program, Awareness on pollution control will be planned and executed throughout the year.








July 1st week



July 2nd week



July 3rd week


July 4th week


July 4th  week

Enrollment of New (NSS Volunteers) students


NSS Orientation programme for 1st year students


Tree Plantation


Parade practice


Maintenance of trees in campus



2 hrs



2 hrs


10 hrs in a week


2 hrs



August 1st week


August 2nd week



August 14th



August 15th


August 4th  week


August 4th  week



Health awareness programme


Visiting to adopted village for follow up activity


Arrangements for Independence day celebration


Independence day celebration


Road sense awareness programme


Maintenance of trees in campus


2 hrs


5 hrs



2 hrs



2 hrs


3 hrs


2 hrs



September 5th



September 8th


September 3rdweek


September 24th


September 4th week


Teachers day celebration (various competitions)


Maintenance of trees in campus


Rally on rain water harvesting



NSS Day celebration


Blood donation camp


4 hrs



2 hrs


3 hrs



2 hrs


3 hrs


October 1st week


October 1st week


October 2nd week


October 3rd week


October 4th week


October 4th week



Visit to Orphanage


Cleaning Day


Eye screening camp


Cancer Awareness program


Rally on traffic control


Maintenance of trees


3 hrs


3 hrs


4 hrs


2 hrs


3 hrs


2 hrs


December 1st


December 2nd week


December 3rd week


December 4th week


December 4th week



Aids Awareness Program


Awareness on healthy food habits



Communication skill development programme


Disability management awareness programme


Maintenance of trees


2 hrs


3 hrs



3 hrs



3 hrs



2 hrs


January 1st week


January 2nd week


January 3rd week


January 26th


January 4th week


January 4th week



Personality development programme


Self defence training


Follow up activity


Republic day


General medical check up


Maintenance of trees


2 hrs


2 hrs


3 hrs


2 hrs


15 hrs


2 hrs

February 1st week


February 2nd week


February 3rd week


February 3rd week


Visiting slums & awareness programme


Dental camp



School health program


Maintenance of trees in campus

3 hrs


3 hrs



4 hrs


2 hrs


March2nd week


March 3rd week


Awareness on pollution control


Maintenance of trees in campus


3 hrs


2 hrs


About The Club:



To improve the lives of vulnerable people in India and internationally by mobilizing the power of Humanity.


To prevent and alleviate suffering with complete impartiality, making no discrimination as to nationality, race, sex, religious beliefs, language, class or political opinions.\



Equipping youth with correct information on HIV /AIDS prevention, treatment, care and supporting.


To motivate youth and build their capacity as peer educators and change agents by developing their skills in leadership, negotiation and team building to eradicate AIDS.



To improve the lives of human though the power of humanity through blood donation.


To perform a critical role in health care by providing a safe , secure and an effective supply of quality blood products essential services and lending edge research to meet the needs of patients.


  1. T. Pradeep

Assistant Professor,Department of Computer Application

Email id:

Mob No.: 9894715410

  1. R. Sridevi

Assistant Professor,Department of B.Com PA

Email id:

Mob No: 8608323378

Club Objectives:

  • Facilitate Research, Knowledge Sharing, Learning and Career Enhancement for all
  • Categories of IT professionals.
  • Exposure with Industrial Professionals to groom a career path.
  • Unifying Technical Reviews with the Recent Technologies.
  • CSI Certification and Training Programs at Discounted Rates.
  • A Great Chance to be nominated as the Best Student Paper in CSI Communications.
  • Opportunity to be nominated as Young IT Professional Award.
  • Inducing and Inculcating Leadership Qualities.
  • Accessibility for Campus Placements.
  • Enriching and empowering the minds of students by regular Industrial Visits and International Conferences.
  • Opportunity to be honored as the Best CSI Award by SRCAS CSI Student Chapter.



Computer Society of India (CSI) Student Chapter of Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science was inaugurated on March 2017 with 95 students. Through this our college is accredited with CSI. It helps our students in staying connected with IT world by organizing various activities like Conferences, Seminars etc. Students can also publish their articles in the CSI Communication journals and can also apply for funded projects. Currently we have 250 student members enrolled in SRCAS- CSI student chapter.


Milestones of SRCAS-CSI STUDENT CHAPTER (2017-2018):

S.No Date Event Programme Name Chief Guest Name,                        Designation& Address No. of  Participants
1. 09/07/17

Time 9.00am-12.00pm

First Level Regional Competition CSI Young Talent Search  Computer Programming-2017 Mr.A.Sivabalan, Vice Chairman, Dr.G.Radhamani, Secretary,  CSI Coimbatore Chapter  

Ten School Students in and around Coimbatore Region.

2 09/07/17 1.00pm-6.00pm Workshop “DEBUG IT”

Oracle Workshop

Mr.Velu Perumal, Managing Director, VLAND’s BEST Hub, Tatabad Rd, Coimbatore. 30 CSI Student Members
3. 28/07/17 Interdepartmental technical contest TECHNOVATION v1.0(Quiz and Code Debugging) Dr. Anna Saro Vijendran, Professor & Dean, School Computing, SRCAS, Coimbatore. 180 Students from various departments
4. 22/08/17 Interdepartmental technical contest TECHNOVATION v1.1(Poster Design and Webpage Designing) Dr. Anna Saro Vijendran, Professor & Dean, School Computing, SRCAS, Coimbatore. 90 Students from various departments
5 22/01/18 Seminar Cyber Security Prof. Vibin Chander, Asst.Professor, Department of Computer Applications, SRCAS,Coimbatore. 185

CSI –student members

6. 08/03/18 Workshop Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking(With Demo) Prof. Vibin Chander, Asst.Professor, Department of Computer Applications, SRCAS,Coimbatore. 150

CSI Student Members(Boys)


Milestones of SRCAS-CSI STUDENT CHAPTER (2018-2019):

S.No Date Event Programme Name Chief Guest Name,                        Designation& Address No. of  Participants
1. 07/07/18 CSI Student Chapter-Inauguration Induction of new office bearers  2018-2019 Dr.N.R.Alamelu, Principal, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore and Vice Chairman of CSI Coimbatore Chapter. 650 participants of CSI and Non CSI student members SRCAS.
2 11/08/18 Seminar Data Analytics using R Prof.R.Kanagaraj,

Asst. Professor, Computer Science Engineering, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore

CSI Life Member

110 participants

50 CSI and 60 Non-CSI Student membes of SRCAS.

3 14/09/18 International Lecture Series Job Opportunities on Data Mining Dr.R.S.Somasundaram, Assistant  Professor, Wachimo University, Hossanna, Ethiopia.

CSI Life Member

120 Participants 50 CSI and 70 Non-CSI student members of SRCAS



  • V.Krishna Priya

Professor & Head,Department of PG(CS&IT)

  • A.Jeyalakshmi

Associate Professor,Department of PG(CS&IT)

Email id:

Mob No.: 9751463525

Club Objectives:

  • This club aims at developing young minds to learn speaking English confidently.
  • It helps its members from all background with little English to learn to speak confidently.



  • N.Muthumani

Professor  & Head,

Department of Mathematics(CA)

Email id :,

Mob No. : 9865044889


  • D.Vivek

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics(CA)

Email id :

Mob No. : 9787554676


Club Objectives:

  • To inculcate the positive thought and to attain the aim with their independent thinking.
  • To improve their confidence level through workshops, seminars and competitions.


Guest Lectures, Workshops, Creative Events

Students Achievements:

  • Organized 125th Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s Historic Speech in the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago.
  • Actively Participating in Literary Events.


Dr P Jayapal

Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil

Email id :

Mob No.: 9843682459

About The Club:

The Women Empowerment Cell of Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science strives to promote the general welfare of students as well as community service within the college, and maintain an intellectual, social, and cultural environment among women. The purpose of this is to establish a strong community of young women on campus to help them build character, improve self-awareness, and gain confidence within one’s self.


Club Objectives :

  • Instructing the students to follow dress code
  • Regular counseling by women faculty to students in both academic and personal issues
  • Creating awareness against women harassment
  • Motivating girls students for higher studies, entrepreneurship & self development
  • Molding the students as highly confident & independent individuals.


Activities :



  • In the month of august an awareness programme on Yoga was conducted for the women students of our college.
  • In the relation to the women’s day celebrations an oratorical competition was conducted in Tamil and English on 11th Feb 2014.The topics were “Ensuring safety & security in public space” and “our patriarchal society changing the mindset” Ms.Vijayalakshmi S of II BBACA bagged the first prize and Roobini R of I BCA second prize in Tamil. In English, Harini A of I BCA and Goldy Primo Beryl of III B.Sc. Bio technology got the first and second prize respectively. These students took part in the competition held at Nirmala College on 13th Feb .
  • The women’s cell along with the Indian Medical Association, Coimbatore conducted a Kidney awareness programme on “the World Kidney Day” 13th March 2014
  • Women’s day was celebrated on 14th March,2014.Ms.Maheswari Sarguru, Sort and Slove-self Development Consultancy , was the chief Guest. In her talk, she highlighted the role of women in maintaining the cultural values. Dr. H. Balakrishnan, Principal and Secretary, presided over the function.The girl students of our college displayed their talents in competitions like Rangoli, Group dance, Solo dance, Facial Painting and Nail art



  • The activities for the academic year 2014-2015 started with the inaugural function of the Women’s Cell of our College on the 14th of August 2014. Dr. H. Balakrishnan, Principal and Secretary Presided over the function. Ms. Shanthi Suresh, Event Organiser, The Trio Event Managers and her team conducted a workshop on Personality Development.
  • Women’s cell members also participated actively in the ‘Save Medulla Signature Campaign’ in the month of September 2014
  • On the 12th of February 2015, a programme was organized for the outgoing women students of our college preparing them to face the world outside. The Chief Guest was Dr. Jayanthasri Balakrishnan, Professor in English at PSG College of Arts and Science who possesses two doctoral degrees both in English and in Tamil. Being a Writer, Poet, Translator and an eloquent speaker, she kept the audience spell bound with her fluency and the flow of thought.
  • The Women’s cell of S.N.R. Sons College celebrated International Women’s Day on 11th March 2015 at S.N.R. Auditorium. The Chief Guest Ms. Sneha Princy – National Athletic Champion – Senior Tax Assistant, Central Excise, Chennai addressed the gathering and challenged them to have a Vision and motivated them to press on in their Mission to reach greater heights citing her life as an example. She also distributed the prizes to the winners of various competitions like Singing, Nail Art, Mehandi, Wealth from the waste, Flameless Cooking, dancing etc.



  • Women Empowerment Cell of our College for the year 2015-2016 was inaugurated on 21st July 2015 at SNR Auditorium by Dr. G.P. Godanavalli, Family Councellor, Women’s Helpline, Coimbatore City Police. Her inaugural address on the current trend of women students, the need to be open for counseling help focusing on Education as the first priority sets the stone rolling for the year 2015-2016.
  • The special session on the ‘Legal Issues in Women Empowerment’ for the final year women students of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes of the college, conducted on the 11th February 2016 by Ms. Sreejaya, a senior advocate, was indeed a fruitful time which addressed the need of the hour
  • The International Women’s Day celebrated on the 8th March 2016 with the usual enthusiasm was the highlight of this year’s events of WEC. The guests of Honour Dr. N. R. Alamelu, Principal, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, M. Chandrakala, Gynaecologist and
  • Swathy Rohit, Chief Business Officer, SNR Sons Charitable Trust each of them shining in their own spheres became role models to the women students and teachers who were present.
  • Various competitions held on that day brought out the talents of our students and the group dance competition with colourful costumes swept us off the floor. Our Principal Dr. K. Karunakaran who distributed the prizes appreciated the prize winners and the participants. He also encouraged and motivated the women folk of our college to involve more and bring laurels to our college.
  • A programme on Self Defence conducted on the 15th of February 2016 for the willing women students of our college by the ARAM FOUNDATION – CHARITABLE TRUST was an eye opener and an informative session with practical demonstration. This brought us to the close of our activities for the year 2015-2016.



  • Students have participated in various events conducted by Aashirvaad at Padmavathy Ammal Cultural Center on 30th July 2016. Various competitions such as Roti Making, Solo Dance, Group Dance, Skit, Fashion show, Rangoli,Tug of war, Mehandi. The students of  I B.Sc. Maths  Nivetha.v, Priyanka.P, Kamaleshwari.K won 3rd place in Skit
  • Inauguartion of Women Empowerment Cell was held on 12th August 2016 . Kalaimamani Andal Priyadharshini, Director-Doordharsan Kendra, Coimbatore & Madurai mesmerized the gathering with her talk and officially inaugurated the activites of the cell
  • Christy Kalyani Chrisopher Psychologist and Councellor gave a guest lecture on the topic “LIFE IS A CHOICE” On 29.09.16  for all the 1st year undergraduate girl students
  • R.Sivagami M.Phil YOGA., Yoga Trainer has trained 194 second year undergraduate girls in Asthanga Yoga on the 22nd December 2016.
  • The Government of India has initiated various schemes and programs to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Women Development, Empowerment of women through education and awareness generation that enables them to enter the mainstream of an economically developed India is the main focus. ICT Academy has been a part of strengthening India’s vision. To nourish the vision of India, ICT Academy has come up with an innovative competition called “Digital Beti”. This initiative is exclusively crafted for girl students who could come up with a presentation about various Government Schemes and Developmental Plans.180 girls from all UG and PG courses have registered for this programme and preparing to upload their presentations in JAN 2017
  • WEC conducted a special session for the final year girl students of our college on the 15th of March 2017 with Dr. Lalitha, a well-known and Senior Obstetrician & Gynaecologist from Sri Ramakrishna Hospital .She created awareness on PCOS and clarified their doubts in the interactive session.
  • International Women’s Day was celebrated on the 14th March 2017 Chief Guest: Mrs.Subha Padmanabhan, Deputy Manager, CUB, Coimbatore Spoke about the safety of women and the need for it Guest of Honour: Mrs. Sarala RamakrishnaExecutive Director, Medicom Super Drugs Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd.Spoke about being equal with men and the need to be treated equally, without discrimination. Dr. K. Karunakaran , Principal and Secretary, who presided over the function enlightened the women of the role they play in a man’s life and defined manliness in the context  of a woman’s security Various Competitions like Rangoli, Mehendhi, Hair Style, Group Dance and adapt tune were conducted for the girls in addition to Just a minute and Anthakshari for the women teachers. Prizes were distributed by  Principal in the evening



  • Women Empowerment Cell has been Inaugurated on 04.08.2017 by Mrs.Jaya Mahesh(Fitness Therapist,Title Winner of Mrs India Earth 2016) .The inauguration session has been followed by “Handloom for Nation and Handloom for Fashion” Fashion parade in which 55 students   participated and 2 of the students had won the title of “Handloom Ambassador”  and were selected for the final round in which all the colleges in and around Coimbatore  participated .
  • An awareness session on Legal Rights for Women was conducted on 26.10.17.and 200 students participated .The resource person for this session are Dr.R.Thirumoorthi, Head & Associate professor ,Dept of MSW and Mr.S.Maruthavijayan,, Dept of BBA & BBA(CA).
  • The test session for “Legal Rights for Women” was conducted on 01.11.2017 nearly 97 students participated. The first three cash prizes of the event are Rs.8500/- which is to be sponsored by the National Commission for Women .
  • The staff members and research scholars of our college participated in one day symposium on “Breaking The Ceiling for Women Empowerment: CYNICISM Vs TRUST” organized by the center for Women’s studies of PSG College of Arts and Science on 01.11.2017.
  • An awareness programme was conducted on 27.12.2018 to the Non commerce Girls students on Financial Literacy for Young Investors. The session was handled by Mr.L.Balaji, certified Financial Education Trainer, Securities and Exchange Board of India, Coimbatore.
  • A cookie Baking Hands on Training workshop was conducted on 27.12.2017 for the interested group of the students of all the final year UG & PG students. The session was handled by Associate Prof.N.Visalakshi.Students were trained over making 9 varieties of cookies in the practical class.
  • A self defense programme for women has been oragnised on 10.01.18 for all the 2nd year undergraduate students. This awareness session was handled by RVB Madhavan, Mentor and Founder Trustee ARAM Foundation. Mr.Karthik, G.Vivek and Sarathkumar, Martial Arts Trainers have conducted hands on practice on self defense.
  • Stay Fit – Be Healthy: Yoga has been organized for all the 1st year undergraduate student Ms.R.Sivagami,M.Phil Yoga., National Yoga Jury and her team with 5 members handled the session .
  • As a part of Information Education Communication activity, Joint Director of health services Coimbatore organised a short film competition for students on “Prohibition of sex selection”on behalf of WEC Club we have submitted a short film based on the topic.
  • Women Empowerment Cell has extended the awareness on “GOOD TOUCH AND BAD TOUCH” to Sri Ramakrishna Matriculation Higher Secondary School as well as CBSE School over 500 + students have benefited through this session.
  • Women Empowerment Cell along with Catering department has extended support to our own women staff members for “Cake Baking”.25+staff members were given Hands on Training on ‘Cake Baking’.
  • On account of International Womens Day Celebration Rally was organised by WEC along with NSS Students with the Theme of “Child Abuse” at Womens polytechnic Junction  on + students participated in the programme and created an awareness among the public.


Students Achievements:

  • Handloom for Nation and Handloom for Fashion” Fashion parade in which 55 students have  participated and 2 of the students won the title of “Handloom Ambassador”  and were selected for the final round.
  • On International Womens Day Celebration Rally was organised by WEC along with NSS Students with the Theme of “Child Abuse” at Womens Polytechnic Junction  on 06.03.17. More than 200 students  participated in the programme and created an awareness among the public.



Assistant Professor, Department of B.Com & M.Com FCA

Email id:

Mob No.: 9944039016


Club Objectives:

To Perform or make works of individual and cooperative expression and convey the attempts to realization by utilizing with appropriate skill sets.


Photography, Singing, Dancing, Ad zap, Pencil Sketching, Best Actress, Creative Events, Mime, Flower arrangement, Facial Painting, Cookery, Vegetable carving , Meganthi,  Hair Dressing, Wealth out of waste, Hand crafts making, Web Designing.


Dr  D.Viswanathan

Associate Professor & Head,

Department of Languages


Mob No:  8883362806

Students Achievements:  

  • Anthariksh 2017 Cultural Fest held at Nehru College of Aeronautical and applied Science on 22 September 2017. Our students won First Prize in Group song, Solo Song, Rangoli, Best Actor, Photography, Second Prize in Best Actor and Third Prize in Group Dance.
  • Fantabulous 2017 Cultural Fest held at Nehru College of Arts and Science on 5 October. Our Student won First Prize in Ad zap, Pencil Sketching, Best Actress, Cookery, Second Prize in Facial Painting and Third Prize in Flower Arrangement, Solo Song.
  • Our Students won cash prizes (76,750) in the various events conducted by colleges in an around Coimbatore city.

Special Photos:

Fantabulous 2017 Cultural Fest held at Nehru College of Arts and Science on 05/10/2017.

Anthariksh  2017 Cultural Fest held at Nehru College of Aeronautical and Applied Science on 22/09/2017.

The Management  of Sri Ramakrishna College  of Arts & Science  is  giving  significant importance  in   educating and empowering  the  faculty  in  teaching learning process. Enormous  efforts  are  taken   to  make the newly joined  faculty  in  preparing  them to  perform better.  The  newly joined  faculty   are  equipped  with  the information  about the  institution  and its  practices through Peer Teaching and Learning. When a new team member starts working in  our institution, it is vital to get the new faculty  to become productive and efficient as quickly as possible. 

Target  audience         :  Newly joined  teaching  faculty  members

Period of  Induction   : Beginning  of  every academic year   during  June.

No. of days                  : 3 days

Co ordinators :

1. Dr. G Jayanthi, Prof & Head – Department of Management Sciences

  1. Dr. B Mahalakshmi, Assistant Professor,  Department of  Computer Science


Peer  Educators :

Dr. K Karunakaran, Principal & Secretary, SRCAS.

Dr. Deena, Vice Principal, SRCAS

Dr. Hannah Revathy F, Dean- School of  Science & Humanities

Dr. Anna Saro  Vijendran, Dean- School of computing

Dr. J Shanmugananda vadivel, Dean – School of commerce.

Dr. G. Senthil Kumar, Head- Department  of Electronics

Academic   Council Secretary

Dr. V Vijayakumar – Controller of Examinations

Dr.  Rajeev – Professor, Department of  IT

Dr. Thirumurthy, Head- Department of MSW

Dr. G Agila, Head- Department of Commerce (A & F)


  • Enable the participants  in knowing the  teaching learning  process,  which  is  followed in Sri Ramakrishna College  of Arts & Science
  • Making aware of the system, policies and procedures  of the college  and Inducting the faculty  members for effective  teaching learning practices  of the
  • Enable the participants to have an integrated view of  different  developmental  activities  of  the college.
  • Help participants in developing an outlook of  various  clubs  and functioning  of the  college to encourage participation.
  • Create positive atmosphere, belongingness, increase knowledge and sharing the values of the organization and   job-specific information

Purpose of the Induction Programme

  • Induction is making  and familiarizing   the   Faculty / staff   with the  institution/ college
  • Given immediately after the recruitment and selection process.
  • Understanding the system, policies and rules & regulations.
  • It educates the new  faculty  about the organization’s culture, values and principles of the
  • To offer support, treat  the faculty as professionals  and provide  structured mentoring,  teaching –Learning programmes.

Content of the Programme

In order to be effective, our Induction Programme  includes   the  introduction to the institution , its values, culture, people and acceptable working practices. In addition, we have   tailored  the induction training to meet the  specific needs and timeframes of  job assignment of newly joined faculty members.

The Induction programme aims  at educating the  faculty with the following  information:

  • Administrative Practices
  • Academic performances-( Teaching and learning  Process )
  • Advancements and developments  in  Teaching
  • Staff empowerment  programmes
  • Research & Development
  • Performance Appraisal system

Characteristics of a successful Induction Programme at SRCAS

A successful induction programme at SRCAS aims to attain  and  have the following characteristics:

  • Have networks that create learning communities.
  • Treat every colleague as a potential valuable contributor.
  • Turn ownership of learning over to the learners in study groups.
  • Create learning communities where everyone, new faculty as well as experience faculty, gains knowledge together.
  • Demonstrate that quality teaching becomes not just an individual’s responsibility, but a group responsibility as well.
  • For an effective induction programme,  care  is   taken to closely monitor  the  needs of the  newly appointed  faculty by providing them  job specific information.

Outcome of the Programme

  • Providing new faculty  with a thorough introduction to the  institution’s  functioning and values  leads to significantly improved long-term staff retention.
  • The importance of an effective induction programme of the institution provides   the faculty in attaining job satisfaction in teaching and dedication to their duties.
  • Perform according to the expectation  of the management in upskilling and  setting standards  for their  own job.

Induction Review Discussion are made  at the end of the course  and a feed back form is shared online (Google Forms)  and  analysis  of  such forms the  basis  for finding  the   need  for   further training   to  tailor our induction programme.

Details of Roles and Responsibility

Model  of  owning / accepting the  Role & Responsibility  of a Teacher  in educating the students is well explanatory  and the same is  passed on to the  newly joined staff. The overall  growth of the institution  happens, when an individual’s  role is clearly defined  and  explained    when  a new faculty  joins  and inducted  in the department. The induction team takes  concern and care    in designing  the induction programme.


SNo. Academic Year No. Of Staff
1 2016-2017 (June 2016) 34
2 2017-2018 (June 2017) 35
3 2018-2019 (June 2018) 54

About the Club

The Business Club was formed in August 2018 to cater to the academic and socioeconomic needs of students at Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science. Membership is extended to all students enrolled in Commerce, Computer Science, Information Technology Business and other Programs.

Business club is to provide an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge in the area of Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence and to interact with other students who have interest in the same area.

  • Share your ideas and suggestions.
  • Contribute to solving the challenges we put forward.
  • Launch your own challenges.
  • Learn from the knowledge shared by other members.
  • Search for content you are really interested in.
  • Take advantage of the networking opportunities with innovative profiles.

Club Objectives

Meet and communicate with anyone interested in open innovation and digital transformation. Learn and share knowledge on new technologies, new business models and how to improve different sectors of the economy.


18 August 2018: Business Club Inauguration


Mr. C.Ranjithkumar

Assistant Professor/Department of B.Com CA

Email id:

Mob No : 9629616284

About the Club:

The Campus to Corporate  Club was formed in July 2018 to cater and enhance the confidence of fresher’s and offers tools like goal setting, teamwork, stress management and also helps to get an exposure to the corporate world of students at Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science. Membership is extended to all students enrolled in Commerce, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business and other Programs.

Campus to Corporate Club is to provide an opportunity for students to boost the professional development and personal contribution in the performance level of the organization  and to interact with other students who have an interest in the same area.


Club Objectives:

  • To enhance the confidence of fresher’s and offers tools like goal setting, teamwork, and stress management
  • To enumerate a certificate course which will mentor the familiarization of work culture
  • To make the teenagers’ minds to participate in social activities to form connection with health benefits and stress relieving qualities
  • To boost the professional development and personal contribution in the performance -level of the organization


Dr. M. Nandhini

Associate Professor, Department of BPS

Email id:

Mob No: 9994283781


30th July 2018- inauguration of the club, Kovaipudhur

26th august 2018 – visit to an orphanage

Activities Planned:

  1. A certificate course will be conducted
  2. An industrial visit for the students
  3. Corporate activity

The EDC was started in the year 2003 with the purpose of promoting Entrepreneurship as a career option for students. Technology and Globalisation are ushering an era of unprecedented change. Perhaps there is no mantra as strong as today, as one about the need and pressure for change and Innovation. Business and Nations have to respond innovatively to these developments to continue their growth. As the need for Emerging Technology of today’s world, SR-CAS has incorporated an Entrepreneurship Development Cell for the Budding Entrepreneurs. DST NIMAT funded programs are conducted for Technology Students for Entrepreneurship.


Nurture the innate desire and ideas lying dormant in the individual and create avenues to fructify those ideas into meaningful enterprise


To be the leader in enabling & facilitating entrepreneurs, support the sparks of budding entrepreneurs and manifesting the spirit and energy of young students from ideation to start-up to establishment and scaling up with integrity and sustainability through constant guidance & mentoring through various programs and schemes


  • Creating awareness among the students and motivate them to take up Entrepreneurship as a career option
  • Conduct training program in the field of Entrepreneurial Skill Development
  • Exposure to various aspects of Entrepreneurship during the Programme period with help of both in house and Guest Facilities
  • To develop incubation center to facilitate the interested Entrepreneurs to test and stimulate the ideas


Programs and Events Organized by E Cell

  • DST Sponsored Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps
  • Women Entrepreneurship Programs
  • E Cell Students EXPO
  • Industry Interactions
  • CEO Talks
  • Pre Incubation and Mentorship Programs
  • Ideathon and Boot Camps

MOU’s Signed:

  • Signed Mou with NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network)
  • SRCAS E Cell is supported by EDII Tamil Nadu
  • Signed MoU With SAI Incubation Centre.

 Student Start Ups in SR-CAS:

  • Fablabz
  • Globe hand
  • FFE Studio

EDC Team Members:

  • Dr Santhanakrishnan D


Mobile: 9600771096 /

  • Dr Akshaya AVR


  • Karthika M


About the Club    

The club trains its members towards acquiring proficiency in English. Primarily, the LSRW skills are diagnosed and each individual is trained according to his/her second language needs. It aims to make the members proficient through activity/task-based learning modules designed with care.


Club’s Objective  

The English Literary Club is operated with the noble motto of instilling, in students, a deep-seated love for the English Language, and to a comparatively smaller extent, its Literature.


Club Coordinators                      

Prof. Ganesh Muthuram K, Prof. Lavanya L & Prof. Monisha S

Assistant Professors, Department of English

Email id                  : 

Mobile no.              :           +91-8056691799



As part of its process, the club conducts activities like poetry-feigning, rhetoric, story-building, story-narrating and others performed during the weekly meetings. The club trains its members in taking part in competitions that demand a flair for language. The members get hands-on training in organising and administering events. The club alsotakes care of organising inter-departmental and inter-collegiate events jointly with the Department of English and its other club, Lit-Aura.


Students’ Achievements

The members of ELC have participated in many competitions within and without SR-CAS and have brought laurels to the club, department and the institution at large. Special

About the Cell:

The SRCAS International students association and welfare cell was established in the year 2014-15 with the strength of 30 Foreign national students from various countries like Vietnam, Sudan, Nigeria, Srilanka, etc.  They are admitted under the foreign national/ children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries/PIO quota with a special approval from UGC, NAAC & Bharathiar University.

SRCAS attracts large number of international students from different  countries not only for the Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses, but also for M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs.

The college admits International students by participating various Education Exhibition, coordinating with the foreign ministries of education & Indian Embassies abroad. This Cell assists the international student community in acquiring information, arranging for their admission, and looking after their welfare.

The Cell accords proper guidance and full support to the International students with all their processing with FRRO.It  provides them a platform to exhibit their culture by various means in the “UNITY FEST “Cultural festival, which is organized by the cell every year in the college campus and organizes various counselling programs to help them compete in the current scenario


Association Activities:


ISO Slogan: “Say what you do; Do what you say;”

About the Committee

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO is the largest developer and publisher of international standards in the world. In our Institution ISO committee works with IQAC & Academic Committees in preparing and maintaining standards for Quality (For Academic Progress & NAAC – Self Study of the Institution & progress) for Quality management & Quality Assurance.

Committee Objectives

  • To achieve, improve and sustain quality education for student’s delight.
  • Inlining the institutional system with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Better process integration by process approach and improvements in efficiency and cost savings.
  • Improving the Institutional Academic professionals and evidence for decision making (for NAAC).
  • To create a continual improvement culture by continually monitoring risks.


  • Ensuring the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System (QMS)is Established, Documented, Implemented, Maintained and Continually Improved.
  • Ensuring promotion of awareness of Customer requirement across the Institution.
  • Liaison with external agencies on matters relating to QMS.
  • Organizing Internal Audits.
  • Controlling all documents related to QMS.
  • Feedback to Top management on the Performance and Effective functioning of the QMS.
  • Organizing Management Review.
  • Responsible to follow up on the timely completion of Corrective Actions.
  • Ensure compliance to standard requirements.
  • Maintaining control on Documented information.
  • To get the Training needs from the employees and plan for the trainings related to QMS.
  • To arrange and Impart training.
  • Ensure that the planning of QMS activities are designed to support the Institution’s policies.
  • Define and communicate responsibilities and authorities in order to facilitate effective QMS.
  • Determine criteria and methods needed to ensure both the operation and control of the QMS.
  • Promote awareness of the Policies and Objectives at all levels of the Institution.
  • Identify persons to work with the Core Committee to support for QMS


Club/ Committee Co-ordinators/ Designation/Department :

  1. K.Karunakaran

Principal and Secretary

Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science





  1. G.Senthilkumar

Head, Department of Electronics Communication System

Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science



  1. V.Sidharthan

Professor, Department of Electronics Communication System

Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science


  1. Prabha. V

Controller – QMS

Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science



Email Id:

Mobile No.:  9994941971

About the Club:

The club has been formed exclusively for the students of Literature to provide a platform to explore various literary creative activities such as Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Elocution, Drawing, Acting, Poem Recitation and Role-playing. It enables the students bring out their hidden talents and to participate and win prizes in intra and intercollegiate literary competitions.


Club Objectives :

  • To provide a better understanding of language and literature.
  • To instil profound love for the English language and its literature through performance oriented activities to help the members to sharpen the literary skills.


Mr.G. Dinesh Kumar

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Email id :

Mob No: 9626899446


The club members meet once in a week and actively take part in activities that focus on improving their creativity. The club organises intra-departmental competitions and Intercollegiate Literary Fest ‘Litreat’ in association with English Literary Club.


Students Achievements:

The members of Lit-Aura have participated in Swagath’18, An Intercollegiate English Literary Fest, organised by SNMV CAS, Coimbatore and won First Place in Literary Drama, Second Place in Lit-Beat, Third Place in Enactone, Third Place in Lit-Walk.

Special Photos

Members of Lit Aura meet Dr. K. Karunagaran, Principal after bagging prizes in an Intercollegiate English Literary Fest.

Dr. F. Hannah Revathy lights the lamp at the ELC & Lit-Aura Club inaugural, in the presence of Chief Guest Dr. Vadhana Fenn and Dr. S. Deena, Vice Principal.

Dr. R. Karunambigai welcomes the gathering to the inauguration of Litreat 18, A One Day Intercollegiate Meet held on 21st March 2018.

Students enacting an excerpt of Hayavadana by Girish Karnad during the Club Inauguration

Members of Lit-Aura clad as Mythological Characters with Prof. K. Reshmi at Swagath’18 organised by SNMV CAS.

The Rotaract club of SNR was formed in the year 1992. It is one of the oldest campus based club in Coimbatore which comes under the district code 3201. Now this club is stepping into the 26th year under the president ship of RTR.Revanth. This club has done some quality projects last year under the president ship of RTR.Anushka Sharon on the Rotary year 2017-18

What’s involved?

Rotaract clubs decide how to organize and run their club, manage their own funds, and plan and carry out activities and service projects aligned with causes that are important to your community. Rotary club sponsors offer guidance and support and work with your club as partners in service.

What are the benefits?

Connect with leaders in your community and around the world to:

  • Take action locally and internationally to create sustainable change
  • Expand your professional network and exchange ideas with proven leaders
  • Develop your professional skills through leadership training
  • Save money on travel, hotels, and supplies with Rotary’s member benefits program, Rotary Global Rewards
  • Have fun and make new friends from around the world
  • Connect with the global community of Rotaract at the annual Rotary International Convention and Rotaract Preconvention.


  1. Prince .K. Paul Antony,

Head, Department of B.Com PA

  1. V. Padmaja

Assistant Professor, Department of B.Com PA

Events and Achievements

  • Was awarded as the “Super Active Club“
  • Mercy Cops event
  • Aids day event
  • Speed of Vision
  • Galata
  • You Matter
  • Radiance
  • Halloween Party

Club Objectives:

  • To encourage and cultivate student’s interest in learning science
  • To encourage students to participate actively in the activities organized by the science club
  • To understand scientific knowledge through experiments
  • To help students develop a scientific way of learning.
  • To develop students’ awareness of and concern for scientific issues in personal ,social, environmental and technological contexts.


  • Science Lecturer
  • Meet your Scientist
  • Science Quiz
  • Science Article
  • Science Day Celebration
  • Bi-monthly News Letter
  • Science Day Celebration
  • Intercollegiate Science Exhibition
  • Inter School Science Exhibition
  • Young Scientist Award



Mr. Sathishkumar V

Asst.Prof, Department of Electronics

Email id :

Mob No: +91-9789 3232 99

Science Center Visit at IISC Bangalore.

Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF) College Chapter Inauguration in SRCAS.

Meet your Scientist

Scientist Dr. T. V. Venkateshwaran , Vigyan Prachar, New Delhi.

Club Objectives:

  • Make the students to attend at least five matches in a any three major games.
  • To secure a place in first eight teams in a game.
  • To send a minimum of five players fo attend the University / District selectiont trails


  1. Bharathiyar University Inter Collegiate Tournaments.
  2. District Level Inter School Volley Ball Tournaments (Boys & Girls).
  3. The Annual Day Sports Meet.


  1. K.Vadivelu

Head, Department of Physical Education

Email id:

Mob No.:9894205866

  1. V.Sudha

Assistant Physical Directress

Email id:

Mob No.:9894598060

Students Acheivements:

  1. Our Cricket team stood Runner-up in the Bharathiar University Inter collegiate ‘A’ Zone Cricket Tournament at Sri Sankara college of Science and Commerce, Coimbatore.
  2. We stood runner-up in the recently concluded CDCA’S 9th Inter Collegiate Cricket tournament. And our student Mr.N.Mohammed Ashik and Mr.Imran bagged the Best Batsman and Best Wicket keeper Awards.
  3. Our College Handball Team Secure 4th place in the Bharathiyar University Inter Collegiate Handball tournament held at CMS College of Science & Commerce.
  4. N.Jagadeesan of I MBA played Ranji Trophy for Tamil Nadu. He has been selected for Chennai Super Kings for the fourth coming IPL and he is playing for Dindugal Drayaris in the TNPL.
  5. J.K.Aswin, I – BBA (CA) for his Achievement in Track Asia Championship had Won Gold Medal in Men Junior Team Sprint, Bronze Medal in Individual Sprint.
  6. M.Abinav of I MBA selected for Ranji one day squad and under 23 Tamil Nadu State.
  7. K.Gowdham Tamarai Kannan and Mr.N.Mohammed Ashik both played for Bharathiyar University this year and played for Coimbatore in various age categories.
  8. G.Sabarinathan of I MBA in participated in the Guinness World Record of 101 Hrs. Non Stop Tamil Nadu Traditional Cultural and Sports festival(Sillambam) at Hindustan College.
  9. A.V. Deepak of I MBA Represented Coimbatore District and played the State para sitting Volleyball Tournament and won first place.
  10. S.Balaji of I B.Com won the Gold medal in the National Stick fight and Silver medal in the Maan Kombu fight last week at Chennai.
  11. L.B. Naveen Balaji of I B.Com Tirupur District Cricket played 157 Run
  12. S. Gowri Sanker of III BBA selected for Coimbatore District Cricket squad and under 19
  13. S.Sathish Kumar I B.Com, Mr.K.Prabhu I B.Com, Mr.Vimal Raj I B.A English, Secured Runners- Up in the South Zone Inter University Badminton Tournament for the year 2018-19.
  14. S.Sathish Kumar I B.Com Secured Fourth place in the All India Inter University Badminton Tournament for the year 2018-19.
  15. S.Arul Mohzi I B.Com participated in the South Zone Inter University Badminton Tournament for the year 2018-19.

What SIC does:

SR-CAS innovation Centre leverages Innovation and Inventiveness of Students and Faculties by connecting people, Designing, Developing Opportunities, and facilitating entrepreneurship through innovation and research. Rapid changes in higher education will open the opportunities for new ways to think, learn, create and grow.

SIC ensures the ability to educate student innovators capable of life changing work that addresses the nation’s toughest challenges. We welcome the innovators to innovate with us, and to join SIC for the Purpose of Entrepreneurial development.

SIC recognizes the innovation in learning and the use of learning technologies come from faculty, students and staff working together inside and across experiences programs and departments. Our nature of job is to identify, accelerate, and create new ways to learn, research, develop, deliver and collaborate.

“Innovators’ innovate with us”


The vision of the Centre is to inculcate the entrepreneurship and Innovation education research to the Learner Community of SRCAS.



The Mission of the Centre for Innovation and Research is to help Learner’s Community in improving their Innovative and Entrepreneurial Mindset.



  • To motivate students to think laterally and to generate innovative ideas.
  • Providing guidance to students with the help of international resources and local resources for product development.
  • To organize workshops and guidance to students towards entrepreneurship and Innovative Research.
  • Seed funding and space for students to work on ideas to develop with commercial product from the time of learning.
  • To create awareness about patenting among faculty, students and researchers.
  • To facilitate at least two innovative products that may be useful for society.


Our Team:

We are designing thinkers, Instructional Technologies, experts in assessment, researchers, and Student innovators.

  1. Chairman: Dr. K. Karunakaran

Job Profile: Shape, vision, facilitate, learning, experiences, teaching.

  1. Director of Engagement: Dr. D. Santhana Krishnan

Job Profile: Storytelling amplifies, connects, and builds community.

  1. Lead Designer:

Job Profile: Transforming ideas, creating clarity, cultivating change.

  1. Instructional Designer: Prof. K. Poornima

Job Profile: Designing and building purposeful, meaningful experiences.

  1. Instructional Designer: Dr. V. Krishna Priya

Job Profile: Brainstorming effective teaching and learning strategies.

  1. Director of Assessment: Dr. D. Hari Prasad

Job Profile: IPR, Learning together to ask hard questions.

  1. Portfolio

SRCAS Innovation Centre is a place for remarkable learning and Technology. These featured Projects exemplify the types of work that help to connect, amplify, and expand.

Student Innovation Team:

  • edu.
  • Globe hand


III. Resources

Strategic process – REAP Method

SIC Strategy (Retrain Experience and Action Projects) method is an integrated approach to learning that enables to put classroom theory into practice.

  • Case Study Method
  • Simulation Model
  • Fostering interactive learning through thought-provoking discussions with students.
  • EXPERIENCE – Translate theory into practice with
  • Panel discussions with industry experts.
  • Company visits.
  • ACTION PROJECTS Learn by doing.
  • nnovative Projects – real client problems in a low-risk setting, equipping with practical, employment-enhancing skills.


  1. Engage

SIC want to with you, Participate, Explore, and Observe.

  1. Policies, Regulations, and Guidelines:
  • The goal of SRCAS Innovation Centre at Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Scienceis to promote technology based entrepreneurship and thereby facilitate practical application of knowledge for Societal Benefit.
  • SRCAS Innovation Centrewishes to facilitate the creation of ideas and inventions that benefit society. To this end, SIC has adopted this Incubation Policy to provide guidance and management structure to facilitate the development of entrepreneurship.
  • The scope of this document is to define the policies and procedures for the operational matters related to the SRCAS Innovation Centre It covers the following processes:
  1. Eligibility
  2. Admission procedure
  3. Infrastructure and Services provided to incubate
  4. Mandatory Mentorship
  5. Period of Innovation, Incubation & Exit
  6. Intellectual Property Evaluation
  7. Seed Funding
  8. Periodic Assessment
  9. Consideration
  10. Conflicts of interest
  11. Disclaimer
  12. Agreements
  13. Special provision for Chemical & Biotechnology based companies.

The policy is subject to periodical review and amendments. It will be the responsibility of the companies admitted to SIC to update themselves from time to time on amendments in the Incubation policy and procedures.

Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science reserves the rights to make an exception of all or any of the terms of the policy for a particular company or a promoter on a case to case basis

About the Club:

SNR Teachers Association and Recreation Club – STAR CLUB was formed on 9th December 2015. The Club caters the recreational needs of the faculty and to strengthen the interpersonal relational relationships among them. Occasionally the Staff Club organizes the tour programs, travel parties, Get-together and other entertainment programs.  All the faculty members are the members of the club.

Club Objectives :

  • To facilitate positive interaction between the teachers of various departments of the college
  • To provided recreational activities for the staff members
  • To organize get together for the club members
  • Gift for the faculty members, family and other functions.

President: Dr.R.Geetha, Prof&Head, Department of B.Com CA

Secretary: Mr.M.Sri Hari, Associate Professor, Department of Catering Science and Hotel


Treasurer: Dr.D.A.Tharmalingam, Associate Professor, Department of B.Com CA


  • 2015-2016
  • Bidding farewell to Dr.H.Balakrishnan – Controller of Examinations on 30.12.2015.
  • 2016-2017
  • Organized a one day trip for faculty members to Ooty on 11.06.2016
  • Farewell party for Dr.G.P.Rameshkumar, Head of the Department, Computer Science on 04.08.2016.
  • Organized two days trip to Kodaikanal for the faculty members on 28.01.2017 and 29.01.2017.
  • Hosting lunch and Dinner for the faculty members on Scenario day 06.03.2017.
  • 2016-2017
  • Organized a two day trip to Allepy – Kochin for the faculty members of Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science on 2nd and 3rd December 2017.

Club Objectives :

  • To create the students society knowing Arts, History, Tradition and Post Modern thought of Tamil Language.
  • To improve their confidence level through workshops, seminars and competitions.

Activities : Guest Lectures, Workshops, Creative Events


 Club Coordinator:

Dr D.Viswanathan

Associate Professor & Head , Languages

Email id :

Mob No: 8883362806

Students Achievements:  

  1. 2017 டிசம்பர் 11 அன்று பாரதியார் பிறந்த தின விழாவினையொட்டி
    கோவை பாரதியார் பல்கலைக்கழகத்தில் நடைபெற்ற கவிதைப்
    போட்டியில் மாணவர் .கோ.யோகேந்திர நிருருதீஸ் (பி.எஸ்.சி.
    கணிதம் இரண்டாமாண்டு) முதல் பரிசினை வென்று இளம்பாரதி என்ற
    பட்டத்தினைப் பெற்றார்.
  2. கோயமுத்தூர் பேரூர் ஆதீனம் தவத்திரு சாந்தலிங்க அடிகளார் தமிழ்க் கல்லூரியில் நடைபெற்ற உலகப் பனைப்பொருளாதார மாநாட்டில்                     .பிரவீனா என்ற கணிதத்துறை மாணவியின் படைப்பு மாநாட்டின்
    சிறந்த கட்டுரை என்ற விருதினைப் பெற்றது.
  3. 2017 நவம்பர் 4 அன்று  இந்தியன் வங்கி நடத்திய ஊழலற்ற இந்தியாவை உருவாக்குவோம் என்ற மாவட்ட    அளவிலான பேச்சுப்போட்டியில் மாணவன் ஞா.சந்தோஸ்குமார்    (பி.பி.ஏ. முதலாமாண்டு) முதல் பரிசினை வென்றார்.

கோயமுத்தூர் பேரூர் ஆதீனம் தவத்திரு சாந்தலிங்க அடிகளார் தமிழ்க்
கல்லூரியில் நடைபெற்ற உலகப் பனைப்பொருளாதார மாநாட்டின் சிறந்த கட்டுரைக்கான விருது.

கோயமுத்தூர் பேரூர் ஆதீனம் தவத்திரு சாந்தலிங்க அடிகளார் தமிழ்க்
கல்லூரியில் நடைபெற்ற உலகப் பனைப்பொருளாதார மாநாட்டின் சிறந்த கட்டுரைக்கான விருது.

2017 நவம்பர் 4 அன்று இந்தியன் வங்கி நடத்திய ஊழலற்ற இந்தியாவை உருவாக்குவோம் என்ற மாவட்ட அளவிலான பேச்சுப்போட்டியில் மாணவன் ஞா.சந்தோஸ்குமார் (பி.பி.ஏ. முதலாமாண்டு) முதல் பரிசினை வென்றார்.

Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science (Formerly SNR SONS COLLEGE) is committed towards social and national responsibilities. We have raised the NCC Medical Coy for boys from 1997-98 onwards. Since our NCC Senior Division is acting with its allotted strength of 50 cadets.

The NCC programme provides plenty of opportunities to the cadets by way of conducting Camps, Drill practice, Shooting, Physical fitness, Map reading, First aid, Personality development and voluntary service programmes.

Associate NCC Officer (ANO):



Dept. of Mathematics,



Eligibility Conditions 

  • Citizen of India or a subject of Nepal.
  • Bearing good moral character.
  • Enrolled in an educational institution.
  • Meets the prescribed medical standards.
  • Age
    • Senior Division/Wing (Boys/Girls) – 17 to 26 years
  • Enrolment Period
    • Senior Division/Wing (Boys/Girls) – 3 years


Youth leaders


To promote inspiring leaders and committed citizens through social, adventurous and military-related activities.

Club Activities:


We involving in REPUBLIC DAY Celebration, Independent Day Celebration, NAAC Visit, Graduation Day, Meritorious Day, College Day and other College Official Programmes.


We involving in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Tree Plantation, Anti-Tobacco Awareness, Cancer Awareness, Disaster Relief, Blood Donation, AIDS Awareness, Traffic Control and other contemporary social issues Awareness Programmes.


We have produced best in following categories as follows

  • International Shooters
  • National Shooters
  • RD Parade
  • RD TSC
  • RD Sports
  • Best Cadet
  • Best ANO

To develop the cadets ability and skill, we specially training them in the following areas

  • Seminar
  • Weapon Drill
  • Weapon Training
  • Map Reading
  • Firing Practice
  • Obstacle Training
  • Sports


S.ASWIN All India Mountaineering Expedition 2019 at Himachal 2019 Claimed Mountain Hanuman Tibba (5982 Mtr) Summit 20th Sept 2019 and Completed the course with ‘A’ grade.
S.GOKUL Thal Sainik National Camp 2019

at Delhi

2019 Silver Medal

(Snap Shooting Competition)

E.VIVEK Coimbatore Cancer Awareness Foundation 2019 Best Ano Award
D.SURYA VELAYUDHAM Advance Leadership Camp III 2019 Best Performer
M.PRABHAKARAN Republic Day Parade 2019

at Delhi

2019 Best Cadet Award
R.NAGARAJ 62nd National Shooting Championship Competition 2018 Second place in NCC and Qualified for Asian Trials.
R.NAGARAJ All India GV Mavalankar Shooting Championship 2018 2018 Qualified for Nationals.
S.ASWIN Special Training- Basic Mountaineering Course at Manali 2018 Completed with ‘A’ grade and selected for Advance Course.
K.GOWTHAM Republic Day Parade 2018

at Delhi

2018 Best Cadet Award
D.SURYA VELAYUDAM Republic Day Parade 2018

at Delhi

2018 Best Cadet Award
D.BAVATH Republic Day Parade 2018

at Delhi

2018 Best Cadet Award
E.VIVEK Coimbatore Cancer Awareness Foundation 2018 Best Ano Award
S.SAJEEV Thal Sainik National Camp 2017 at Delhi 2017 Best Cadet Award
S.SRI RAM Special Training- Basic Mountaineering Course at Jammu and Kashmir 2017 Completed with ‘A’ grade and selected for Advance Course.
E.VIVEK NCC GROUP 2016 Best Ano Award
B.SEKAR NCC GROUP 2016 Best Cadet Award
SARAVANA KUMAR NCC GROUP 2016 Best Achiever Award
B.SEKAR 59th National Shooting Championship Competition

(300m Big bore rifle)

2016 Renowned Shooter
B.SEKAR 25th All India G V Mavalankar Shooting Championship

(300m Big bore rifle)

2016 Silver Medal
B.SEKAR 59th National Shooting Championship Competition

(50m small bore rifle)

2015 Renowned Shooter
JOE MOSES Inter -Group Competition Camp Contingent Drill (RDC) 2015 Gold Medal
SEKAR & NISANTH BLC Camp 2015 Represented


NISANTH CATC Camp 2015 Best Cadet – Medal
SEKAR Inter Group Competition(IGC)

Shooting Competition

2015 Silver Medal
SEKAR Inter Group Competition(IGC)

Sports Camp

2014 Gold Medal


                        The Uyir Club of Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science (Autonomous), Coimbatore join hands with the City Traffic Police renders its best service to the Coimbatorians. This club works in four groups consists of 120 students under the excellent guidance of eight professors. Every week, the volunteers of Uyir Club create awareness on Road Safety among the public in Nava India Signal and College Campus also. In this program they insist every passenger to obey traffic rules, wear helmet and seatbelts, also help the traffic police to control the traffic and implement traffic rules in peak hours. The Uyir Club of our college feels proud to render its heartfelt and righteous ministration to the society.

Co Ordinators      : Dr Umamageswari P  & Mr Prem Kumar R

Uyir Club Mentors list

S.No. Name Designation Department
1. Mr Gowrisankar G Assistant Professor Physics
2. Mrs Karpagam K Assistant Professor Maths
3. Mr Mani N Assistant Professor Maths
4. Dr Divya J Assistant Professor BBA
5. Ms Jamuna V Assistant Professor English
6. Mr Dinesh Kumar P Assistant Professor Economics



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