Computer Science with Data Analytics

About the Department

Computer Science with Data Analytics (Integrated with TCS iON), designed to provide knowledge on core concepts of computer science as well as data analytics. The programme is designed to cater to the ever changing needs and demands of the industry providing a unique learning environment with academic and industry mentors. The focus is to providethe students with a solid grip on the technological skills needed to effectively collect, wrangle, mine, and envision data.Successful graduates of the course will have access to a wide range of career opportunities in both commercial and public sectors.


To empower students with core knowledge, industry oriented skills and innovative research ideas in the field of Computer Science and Data Analytics..


To educate and train the students to meet the requirements of the industry and society through interdisciplinary approach, experiential learning and industry integration by developing programming, statistical and analytical skills.

Programmes Offered by the Department

  • B.Sc Computer Science with Data Analytics

Associate Professor - Head & COE


Assistant Professor


Dr.A.Senthil Kumar

Ms.Tintu George


  • Prepare the students for employability, entrepreneurship or to pursue higher education and research in the fields of Computer Science and Data Analytics.
  • Carry a strong foundation in Computer Science, Data Analytics, Mathematics and Statistics with scientific fundamentals required to formulate, analyze and solve the computational problems.
  • Innovate, design, analyze and develop software products and provide the solutions related to the practical problems
  • Inculcate professionalism by emphasizing moral and ethical behaviour, developing team spirit and having effective communication skills.
  • Providing a conducive learning environment that brings in awareness about life-long learning.


Upon the completion of the programme, the students will be able to

  • Apply the knowledge of Computer Science, Mathematics, Scientific Fundamentals and Data Analytics specialization to the solution of complex computational problems.
  • Identify, formulate a problem and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet the given set of requirements using principles of software development.
  • Develop and strengthen the programming data analytic skills required in the field of higher education, research and entrepreneurship.
  • Select and apply the modern IT tools and techniques for innovative software solutions.
  • Utilize the role of computing for solving real life problems and to analyse its global impact on individuals, organizations and society.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the computer professional.
  • Follow the ethical principles, take up responsibilities and inculcate moral values to work as a computing professional in the global environment.
  • Function effectively as an individual or team member engaged in accomplishing a common goal .
  • Understand the need of life-long learning, hands-on training and skills to become a successful software professional.

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Viz Quest'23

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