Computer Science with Cyber Secuirty

About the Department

The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with Cyber Security emphasizes problem solving in the context of algorithm development and software implementation and prepares students for effectively using modern computer systems in various applications. The curriculum provides required computer science courses such as programming languages, data structures, computer architecture and organization, algorithms, database systems, operating systems, and software engineering; The main aim of this Bachelor’s degree is to deliver a modern curriculum that will equip graduates with strong theoretical and practical backgrounds to enable them to excel in the workplace and to be lifelong learners.

The purpose of the B.Sc programs in Computer Science with Cyber Security are
(1) to prepare the student for a position involving the design, development and implementation of computer software/Cyber crime protection, and
(2) to prepare the student for entry into a program of postgraduate study in computer science, Cyber Security and related fields.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Cyber Security (B.Sc CS with Cyber Security) focuses on the concepts and techniques used in the design and development of software systems and analyze cyber threats through various technologies.


To Empower, Employability and Entrepreneurship skills in the field of Cyber Security and Cyber Safety and produce world class professionals with social consciousness and ethical values


Impart technical education to produce highly competent Cyber Security professionals and entrepreneurs. Provide an academic environment to update with emerging technologies, trends and research advancements in Cyber Security. Encourage young minds to educate society to restore nationwide human safety and security in digital world.

Programmes Offered by the Department

  • B.Sc Computer Science(Cyber Security)

Associate Professor - Head & COE


Assistant Professor


  • Enhance a strong foundation in Computer Science, Cyber Security fundamentals, and apply Mathematics to solve real time computational problems.
  • Analyze a problem, identify and formulate the computing requirement and provide solutions by applying Computer Science theory and principles.
  • Adapt to new environments and technologies and work in multi- disciplinary areas with a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Inculcate professionalism by emphasizing moral and ethical behaviour, developing team spirit and having effective communication skills.
  • Accomplish sustainable progress in the emerging areas of Computers and Cyber Security through life-long learning.


Upon the completion of the programme, the students will be able to

  • Apply the knowledge of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Cyber Security specialization to the solution of complex computational problems.
  • Identify and Analyze complex computing problems and reaching to the solutions using the principles of Mathematics and Computer science.
  • Design solutions for complex problems and design a system component that meets the needs in the broad field of Cyber Security.
  • Exhibit the ability in adapting evolving technologies and new problem techniques that helps in creativity and innovation in Cyber Security discipline.
  • Create, select and apply techniques, security tools and modeling to computer activities with an understanding of the limitation.
  • Function effectively as an individual or a member in a team to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.
  • Develop social responsibility through ethical values and environmental studies related activities in the society.
  • Communicate effectively draft reports, design documentation and presentations.
  • Ability to engage in independent, self learning skills in Cyber Security through life-long learning.


Upon the completion of the programme, the students specifically will be able to

  • Design, develop and implement security systems that are capable of identifying, preventing and protecting from cyber attacks.
  • Have the ability to select and apply techniques to protect the system, detect and respond to security issues and cyber threats.
  • Identify the challenges in cyber threats and prevent them using innovative Cyber Security methods.
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