Commerce with Computer Applications

About the Department

The Department of Commerce with Computer Applications was established in the Academic Year 2000 – 2001 with the aim of providing Commerce education with Computer Application skills to the students. At present, educational institutions are compelled to provide quality personnel to meet the competitive challenges in human resource requirements of the world. Keeping this in view, the Department prepares students with sound commerce knowledge along with the skills in the operation of computers, maintenance of computerized Software & Hardware and to carry out all the computerized work in different areas of Finance, Accounting, Trading, Manufacturing and other service organizations.
The department is always taking care to identify and bring out the hidden talents of the students and based on their area of interest, it creates platform to them to develop and to become a professionally skilled person. Periodical counseling, motivation and encouragements are continuously offered by the department to tune the students in their desired direction. Every year, it is the routine practice of the department to arrange for industrial visits, seminars, conferences, workshops, quizzes, expert talks, webinars by inviting outside experts from industries and institutions to extend their external innovative ideas, knowledge and skills needed for the industries to the benefit of students. The department is fully equipped with qualified faculties and sufficient infrastructure.

  • The program is integrated with both commerce and Computer Applications.
  • Enriched Curriculum based on industrial needs
  • Most suited Curriculum to Professional and Industrial needs.
  • Highly Demanded course in the society
  • E- Learning Platform
  • Additional Credit Courses
  • Industrial Exposure-Internship Training and Project
  • Experienced and Qualified Faculty Team
  • Faculty Members involvement in Research Activities.


To make the department as a highly standard center of excellence in the field of Commerce Education, Training & Research


To bring out the students of the department with sound Commerce education along with the application of Computer Skills to meet the global challenges.

Programmes Offered by the Department

  • B.Com with Computer Applications

Associate Professor & Head

MCom, MCom CA, MPhil, MBA, PGDCA, NET, Ph.D

Associate Professor's

Assistant Professor's

MCom CA, MPhil, MBA, PGDCA, Ph.D 


MCom, BEd, PGDCA, MPhil 

MCA, MPhil 

MCom, PGDCA, MPhil, Ph.D  


After 2 or 3 years of completion of the programme, the Graduates will

  • To Equip Graduates with adequate knowledge and skills to become professionals and leaders in industry and commerce.
  • To imbibe an attitude in graduates for research and development with an aptitude for an independent entrepreneurship.
  • To inculcate Professional and Business Ethics with the commitment to the society and environment.


Upon the completion of the programme, the students will be able to

  • Excel in complex accounting problems in Finance, Cost and Management decision making areas and provide suitable solutions.
  • Trained with computerized accounting practices and application of computer skills to the efficient Management Information System, knowledge sharing.
  • Acquire knowledge in computer programing languages to solve important business problems.
  • Ability to pursue professional courses like CA, CMA, Company Secretaryship.
  • Ability to communicate effectively at various levels.
  • Apply management principles in various business decisions like Marketing, Finance, HR and Systems.
  • Knowledge to become a Certified Internal Auditor.
  • Knowledge to design and develop Project Reports for various business ventures.
  • Propose viable ideas and business solutions in tune with Global, Economic, Environmental and Societal contexts.
  • Discharge responsibilities by practicing Professional and Ethical values.



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