Commerce with Business Process Services

About the Department

Department of B.Com - BPS (Business Process Services) was started in the year 2016 which is an industry integrated program by having an MOU with Tata Consultancy Service. TCS has been supporting the academic community across the globe, right from its inception three decades back. The company institutionalized a comprehensive Academic Interface Programme (AIP) with defined process, performance metrics and deployment structure. The course is uniquely designed program to create full fledged corporate oriented professionals. The curriculum of this program is unique in nature with well designed modules based on industry requirements which provide ample opportunities for placement. The faculty members and students are trained by experts in TCS with regard to Finance and accounting, Campus to Corporate, Banking, Insurance, Retail CPG and Capital markets. On successful completion of the program students will get the opportunity to flourish in the global BPS industry with world-class organizations.


To be a center of excellence for developing corporate leaders who make a difference in the globally competitive market.


To equip and expose students with strong analytical foundations for better decision-making in a challenging environment.

Programmes Offered by the Department

  • B.Com with Business Process Services

Associate Professor & Head

Dr.D. Moorthy

Associate Professor

M.Com.,M.Phil., PGDCA., Ph.D

Assistant Professor's

MCom CA.,Ph.D 


MCom-FA, MPhil,  

Mr.J.Deepak Kumar


After 2 or 3 years of completion of the programme, the Graduates will

  • Equip with the relevant practices on Accounting, Management, Insurance and Capital Market Services as required on various business organizations.
  • Emerge as leaders to empower business organizations through innovative strategies and policies with due regard to the ethics, environment and sustainability.
  • Recognize one’s own limitations, admit errors and improve behavior with constructive feedback.


Upon the completion of the programme, the students will be able to

  • Apply knowledge of Accountancy, Management and Business Process Services
  • Design a system, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety.
  • Function effectively within teams.
  • Apply the knowledge gained in real life problem solving.
  • Understand professional ethical responsibilities and act accordingly.
  • Communicate effectively, both in written and oral forms.
  • Recognise the need for engaging in lifelong learning.
  • Gain knowledge of the contemporary issues.
  • Acquire entrepreneurial attributes to start and manage their own innovative business successfully.
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