Catering Science & Hotel Management

About the Department

Department of Catering Science & Hotel Management , was established in the year 1987


To develop future generations of global hospitality leaders through innovative academic programs, cutting-edge research and strong industry and community partnerships.


To be recognized as the leader in hospitality education by developing competency in students in an environment that inculcates professionalism with ethics and social values.

Programmes Offered by the Department

  • B.Sc Catering Science & Hotel Management


  • To achieve high standards of performance in academic and value based quality education in hotel management
  • To provide students with holistic knowledge of catering and hospitality operating procedures and entrepreneurship initiatives
  • To train students with good communication and inter-personal skills to deliver better- quality performance on the job, globally.


Upon the completion of the programme, the students will be able to

  • To perform work effectively and efficiently to the standards expected globally in different sectors of hospitality industry.
  • To use appropriate tools and techniques necessary for practices in different operational areas of hotels, restaurants & other hospitality sectors.
  • To perform at operational and supervisory levels proceeding to managerial level.
  • To function effectively as an individual and in a team to accomplish common objectives.
  • To communicate effectively within the organization and society at large, being able to comprehend and prepare effective reports and give and receive clear instructions.
  • To analyze situations, identify problems, formulate solutions for the problems and implement corrective measures and actions.
  • To undertake and organize catering related activities.
  • To realize the significance of health, legal, environmental and ethical issues and the responsibilities relevant to the hospitality professional practice.
  • Recognize the need for and develop the ability to engage in continuous learning in the context of change in hospitality sectors.

Associate Professor & Head

MBA(HR)., MBA(SM)., MA.,

Assistant Professor's

B.Sc(CS&HM)., M.Sc(HCM)., 

Chef K.Ajith Kumar


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