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About the Department

The Department of B. Com (Accounting & Finance) has commenced its operations in this prestigious institution on 2017. It provides a proficient environment to nurture Accounting and Finance professionals with a high level of knowledge and competence to effectively contribute to society with commitment and integrity. This is a three year degree programme which integrates the field of accounting and finance. The programme aims to provide you a solid grounding on the theories, principles and practices in accounting, finance, taxation and auditing. With courses ranging from financial accounting, financial management to international business, economics, taxation and auditing, this bachelor’s degree programme generates the skills required to enhance your analytical and quantitative capabilities-equipping you to pursue a career in the field of accounting, finance, taxation or auditing. This programme also provides a career path for professional qualification in accounting and finance. The career opportunities are in the field of Accounts Manager, Auditor, Business Analyst, Finance Analyst, Investment and Commercial Banker, Finance Administrator, Tax Advisor, Capital Markets and in Insurance sector.


To develop into a world class center for accounting and finance, developing and nurturing global competencies in students through quality education, research and continuous innovation.


To create nurture Accounting and Finance professionals who possess a high level of knowledge and competence to effectively contribute to society with commitment and integrity.

Programmes Offered by the Department

  • B.Com Accounts & Finance

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Associate Professor


Assistant Professors




  • A structure that provides graduates with a thorough grounding in accounting and the concepts that underlay it.
  • A structure that allows students to develop a broad and detailed understanding of the requirements of financial reporting, auditing, taxation and finance, including the broader regulatory, social and legal framework, and an understanding of current issues.
  • A programme designed to develop students' conceptual understanding and also to promote an appropriate awareness of information technology and an understanding of current issues.


Upon completion of the programme, the students will be able to

  • Understand the concepts and conventions of financial accounting, in line with current reporting standards.
  • Demonstrate the business environment and the regulatory framework within which accounting operates.
  • Apply principles and techniques to formulate solutions to accounting related problems;whether to do with resourcing, allocation, appraisal, control and planning.
  • Present information and communicate effectively in written or oral form, at an appropriate level, including the acknowledgement and referencing of sources.
  • Apply a range of IT related skills in the use of word-processing, spreadsheets, software package applications, and in accessing on-line databases.
  • Apply cost and management accounting concepts and techniques, to facilitate decision making, planning and control.
  • Employ the financial management concepts in decision making and significance of financial markets and institutions.
  • Practice the important influence of capital markets in risk assessment, value determination, and as a source of finance.
  • Identify the current developments, issues and debates in the module area at both theoretical and applied level.
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