B.Com Corporate Secretaryship


To promote the students as a professionals in the field of corporate governance through innovative education.


To educate the competent professionals of Company Secretaries with quality education, knowledge, skills and to get practical training of Corporate Secretaryship.


The Graduate will

PEO1: Possess adequate skill-set, knowledge and professional competency in commerce and Corporate Secretarial Services

PEO2: Have optimistic attitude toward work and life resulting in enriched interpersonal relationship with society

PEO3: Become technically and professionally equipped in business environment through ethical, value based life- long learning


On successful completion of the program the student shall

PO 01: Apply the knowledge of Commerce, Accounting, Management, Information System and Corporate Legislations to the complex business problems.

PO02: Identify and solve the problems reaching substantiated conclusions using principles of Commerce, Accounting, Management, Information System and Business and Economic Laws.

PO03: Develop Corporate Plans, Policies, Procedures and Strategies suitable for Socio-economic, Political, Cultural, Legal and Environmental context.

PO04:  Select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and Information Technology tools to business process with an understanding of limitations

PO05: Function effectively as individual and member in a leader in multidisciplinary settings.

PO06: Communicate effectively with business community and society, and promote good interpersonal relationships.

PO07: Achieve professional enrichment through industry interaction.

PO08: Recognize the need for lifelong learning and apply ethical, social, human, moral and professional values and norms of corporate affairs


  • Choice Based Curriculum updating changing needs of industry
  • Students Centric teaching and learning with qualified and experienced faculty members
  • Usage of ICT tools for teaching along with conventional methods
  • Knowledge enrichment through Industrial Visits , participation in Guest Lectures, Seminars, Workshops etc.
  • Focus on professional and technical Competency
  • Assuring all round development of students by providing soft skills, interdisciplinary courses, job oriented courses
  • Completion of the course makes the aspirant eligible for a maximum number of government jobs.
  • Aspirants can opt for higher studies.
  • Opens multiple job scopes in private as well as government sectors.
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