B.Com Information Technology (IT)


To impart knowledge and to make the students technically excellent in the field of commerce.


To provide value based education leading to holistic development integrating commerce and information technology to face the global challenges.


  • Have high level of technological proficiency to recognize problems and to create Innovative solutions which would be conventional to the needs of commerce and IT industry.
  • Become customized effectively to the changes in the roles and responsibilities through lifelong learning for enhancing the relationship wth the stakeholders.
  • Ethically implement their commerce and technical skill and knowledge in the social and environmental context


Upon completion of the programme, the students will be able to

  • Acquire knowledge of Commerce, Accounting, Management, Information Technology and Industry.
  • Solve the problems in various functional areas of business like Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and technology.
  • Excel in designing business projects and ventures by applying the knowledge of Commerce, Mathematics and Technology.
  • Imbibe the knowledge of information Technology for effective management of large scale business operations.
  • Bridge the gap between theory and practice by interaction with industry and other organization.
  • Possess communication and interpersonal skills to function effectively at various levels.
  • Have managerial and leadership qualities to discharge the changing roles and responsibilities.
  • Recognize the need for lifelong learning to sustain in changing global technological context.
  • Act as professional associate at intermediate level and develop knowledge to complete professional courses.
  • Gain moral, social, human, environmental, professional and ethical values to become successful and responsible citizens.


The Department of Commerce with Information Technology commenced in the academic year          2018-19. This programme is designed to provide a wide range of knowledge and skills in the field of Commerce and Information Technology. It covers different core areas of commerce such as Business Management, Finance, Fundamentals of Law, Accounting, Marketing, along with Information Technology. It enables the students to understand and demonstrate the concepts, techniques and trends in functional areas of business and able to face the challenges in the competitive world. This programme is implementing Outcome Based Education with Choice Based Credit System. This ensures that the outcome of each course is defined in the beginning of the programme and matched with the real outcome of the students after the completion of the course. It also defines the professional competency of the graduates in next five years after the completion of the programme. This programme is enriched with evolving and dynamic syllabi, pedagogy, interactive lectures, assignments, and activities to ensure that the all students have achieved specified outcomes.

  • Choice Based Curriculum updating changing needs of industry
  • Students’ Centric teaching and learning with qualified and experienced faculty members
  • Usage of ICT tools for teaching along with conventional methods
  • Knowledge enrichment through Industrial Visits ,participation in Guest Lectures, , Seminars, Workshops etc
  • Focus on professional and technical Competency
  • Assuring all round development of students by providing soft skills, interdisciplinary courses, job oriented courses
  • Accounts Officer
  • Business Analyst
  • Sales Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Tax consultant
  • Audit Assistant
  • Stock brokers
  • IS Developer
  • IT Manager
  • Internal auditor
  • Small business entrepreneur
  • Signing MOU with professional bodies
  • Conducting Video Conferencing
  • Supporting Online Certification Programmes
  • Organizing workshops with leading professional and technical organizations
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