B.Com International Business (IB)


To strive for excellence in the creation and dissemination of knowledge that is grounded in the field of Commerce with International perspective.


Educating principled International leaders with a global mindset and regional perspective who contribute to International Business and society.


  • Provides students’ exposure to different settings and develops their global mindset through a comprehensive and Internationally-oriented curriculum.
  • Equips students with critical skills and knowledge to work in an international
  • Promote an understanding of different cultures and to refine skills needed for successful International Communication.


Upon completion of the programme, the students will be able to

  • Gain exposure to different aspects of International Business and procedures involved in International trade.
  • Have comprehensive knowledge of Finance, Accounting, Laws and International Business.
  • Impart knowledge of contemporary issues about society and environment.
  • Ability to acquire Multi- faceted career opportunities in EXIM, Customs, Customs Agency, Forex, Accounting, Trading, Banking, Logistics, Marketing, Insurance and Warehouse Distribution.
  • Gear up with updated knowledge in implementing business practices and successful ventures into self-employment.
  • Equip with professional, inter personal and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Communicate effectively in Foreign Language – French.
  • Demonstrate analytical skills and understanding of International Business and Management through a guided project in the area of International Business.
  • Recognize the need for professional advancement by engaging in lifelong


B.Com in International Business provides a comprehensive overview of commerce in a global context, which is applicable to a range of business sectors. The program’s international focus also prepares participants for careers in a transnational environment. Graduates of the B Com in International Business can undertake professional roles such as Import/ Export Managers, Freight Handling Technicians, Logistic Technicians, Sales Managers, Account Managers, Relationship Managers and Human Resource Assistants. It helps students to work in different social, political and cultural contexts. The course provides with the knowledge and understanding to operate in a worldwide arena. The program offers three elective tracks, allowing the students to specialize in Marketing, Financial Management, International Human Resource Management, E- Commerce, Textile Merchandising, Financial Derivatives and supply chain management. Each will develop your skills and understanding of conducting trade in a global economy and in developing cross-cultural business relationships. The programme has been implementing Outcome based Education with Choice Based Credit System. This provides a clear specification of what students are to know, what they are to be able to do, and what attitudes or values they should be able to demonstrate at the end of the program. The program provides new and different perspectives that will enrich the knowledge, and hands-on applications that consolidate learning in a challenging environment. A well-designed syllabi, pedagogy and Experiential teaching techniques would equip the students with the professional skills that needed to enhance their employability and success in the business world.

  • Dedicated faculty and staff.
  • Experiential exercise and blended learning models.
  • Internal professional development.
  • Overseas Placement opportunities.
  • Student activities and out of classroom opportunities.
  • International Marketing - Departments of Companies having exports abroad ( Automobile Companies such as TATA Motors, Hyndai Motors etc.)
  • Export or Import department of Engineering and FMCGs
  • In Ports, Customs Office, Customs House Agents, Freight Forwarding Agencies
  • In Global Shipping Companies (Maersk, Mitsubishi Shipping)
  • International Logistic Companies (DHL, Excel, FedEx etc.)
  • In FOREX departments in Nationalized and Private Banks
  • Travel houses and Tourism Sectors
  • Consultancy firms (Mckinsey, etc.)
  • SEZ, EPZs
  • Risk Management
  • Food Corporation of India
  • To impart skill enhancement program which bring weightage to student’s curriculum during their course period.
  • To sign MOU every year in the related industries/academic/research institutions.
  • To conduct a minimum of two faculty development programmers per semester on advanced teaching methods in higher education.
  • To complete at least one certificate programmes with NPTEL/IIT Bombay /IIT madras/MIT etc., one per year per staff.
  • Twinning program from foreign university.
  • New website dedicated for the department.
  • To get placement for minimum of 80% of eligible students within may of every academic year.
  • To extend online certification program through NPTEL/IIT Bombay/MIT etc., for students.
  • To mandate every student to be a part of NSS,NCC,YRC, sports, social clubs, rotract etc.,
  • To illuminate a spark among 3% of outgoing students to become an entrepreneur.
  • To establish open air Amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 1000 within the academic year 2017-18.
  • International Lecture Series
  • Mentorship Program
  • Industry Interaction
  • Panel Discussion
  • Research Colloquium
  • Guest Lectures
  • Seminars
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