S.No. Topic Video link
1 Hire Purchase System https://youtu.be/SQVIsX8Am6c
2 Finance and Accounting for BPS https://youtu.be/e_T_4ayGpPM
3 Technology and Software Used in Detection of Frauds https://youtu.be/e_T_4ayGpPM
4 Working Capital Management https://youtu.be/jT3LnZmofHA
5 BRANCH ACCOUNTS https://youtu.be/pVxwcs40YRI
S.No. Topic Video link
1 PERCEPTION https://youtu.be/tcfxXjxVe-8
2 Warehousing and Its Types – International Business https://youtu.be/4vHQZiB19V8
3 Muiltvariate Analysis https://youtu.be/y-9rIk96h5o
4 Going International and International Accounting Standards https://youtu.be/Ueh197F6inU
5 Indian Banking System https://youtu.be/dEAwOC0oAoM
6 Layout and plant location in operations management https://youtu.be/FGR-aUl80jI
7 MBA Specializations 2020-2021 https://youtu.be/9CgWehR7ME0
S.No. Topic Video link
1 Operating System – Virtual Memory https://youtu.be/0SSxKMD3ICc
2 CollaboratingviaSocial https://youtu.be/IHrUjWxvH5Q
3 Rgraph using Canvas https://youtu.be/-4gS3bgfNxM
4 Files in C https://youtu.be/MebghzmgXyo
5 Introduction to Deep learning https://youtu.be/xbsOaIgYCAQ
6 Cluster Analysis https://youtu.be/57xj5tlbZ68
7 Searching – Data Structures https://youtu.be/EAEE9A_Gjog
8 GRAPHS in Data Structures https://youtu.be/Wf2L-4PYfuA
S.No. Topic Video link
1 Audioprocessing in DSP https://youtu.be/gaE5HS18-qc
2 β Oxidation of Fatty Acids https://youtu.be/PWMiQwbSYBE
3 Application of MCS to Inventory Problems https://youtu.be/lo3cJ6VLpbo
4 Dye chemistry https://youtu.be/K3ajLMzPE14
5 Introduction to Stereochemistry https://youtu.be/RDWKpqZwI5o
6 Textile Fibers https://youtu.be/nUaRS1Lc2GY
7 Regression https://youtu.be/IOZnRFm7VUg
8 THIRD GENERATATION CDMA https://youtu.be/Fkb_ELqfryQ
9 Mechanics(Direct Impact) https://youtu.be/k6yq0oXwfrw
10 Eating Habits- Healthy Vs Unhealthy https://youtu.be/dibtO_BFQFc
11 Billing Methods https://youtu.be/ADkDJny_TUU