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B Com Banking & Insurance


To promote the students as a professionals in the field of corporate governance through innovative education.


To educate the competent professionals of Company Secretaries with quality education, knowledge, skills and to get practical training of Corporate Secretaryship.


After 2 or 3 years of completion of the programme, the Graduates will

PEO1: Exhibit skills in banking, insurance and other concepts that underlay it.

PEO2: Develop a wider and clear understanding of the needs of banking services, insurance, accounting, auditing and taxation including the regulatory, social and legal framework for understanding of current issues.

PEO3: Develop conceptual understanding, continuous efforts to learn and also be able to promote an appropriate awareness of evolving dynamic environment and an understanding of current issues.


Upon completion of the programme, the students will be able to

PO1: Understand the concepts and principles of banking and insurance operations in line with reflection of recent trends, standards and norms.

PO2: Demonstrate the business, social, economic, legal and natural environment with ethical values within which the industry efficiently operates.

PO3: Apply progressive learning of company formation, regulatory formalities, accounting and communication process in the management structure of banking & insurance sector.

PO4: Practice effective communication skills, both orally and writing in conveying information, ideas, problems and solutions to stakeholders.

PO5: Apply a wide range of technological skills related to software packages, applications and accessing online databases in banking & insurance.

PO6: Apply advanced banking and insurance concepts and techniques, to facilitate decision making, planning and problem solving in the respective field.

PO7: Employ relevant accounting, taxation, marketing, research & computational skills, applying both quantitative and qualitative knowledge & innovation in the future careers.

PO8: Practice the significance of managing financial institutions and services, to describe and apply financial concepts, tools and theories.

PO9: Identify the current developments, issues and inculcate Lifelong learning skills in the module area at both theoretically and practically.


  • Creating efficient candidates to compete and survive in the job market.
  • Developing differential thinking among the students to have unique way of learning.
  • Inculcate the social and ethical values in the curriculum.
  • Developing the curriculum inline with the technological standards.
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Equity Manager
  • Insurance Managers
  • Cash/Credit Managers
  • Risk Consultant
  • Wealth Manager
  • Placements in financial organizations like Bank, Financial Institutions, Insurance, Stock broking,
  • Preparing for banking exams, civil service exams and competitive exams.
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • Starting own ventures in Banking Consultancy practices

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