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Vice Principal Message

Dr. S Deena

Vice Principal

Dear Parents, understudies and well-wishers of the SR-CAS family-my devout welcome to every one of you. Above all else I might want to express my profound opinions of appreciation to each one of you for your steady support, love and worry towards the school which empowers and urges us to endeavour hard to convey forward the mission of spreading quality based learning to every last one.

As I would see it training is simply the vehicle of learning, conservation and achievement. Training gives us a stage to succeed, as well as the learning of social direct, quality, character and sense of pride. The best blessing instruction gives us is the learning of genuine love and an arrangement of qualities. We are fragmented without a decent training since instruction makes us right mastermind and right leader. In such a focused world, instruction has turned into a need for people after nourishment, dress and safe house. In view of this, we endeavour to upgrade each understudy here, at SR-CAS, the transformational affect on the nature of training, presenting esteem based instruction so as to create identity and procure acknowledgment and regard in the family and society.

I am pleased with this establishment which has brought greatness and has stood firm as shake, an invulnerable post to convey forward its central goal of spreading information to numerous and assuming a stellar part in giving the country every year a product of splendid young fellows who have conveyed shrubs to the nation, at home and abroad. It holds high the standard of honesty, nationhood, secularism and solidarity setting a case of magnanimous administration. Expressing gratitude toward each one of you for your steady support and petitions. May God favour you and your family.

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january, 2020

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